E46 Coupe Sat Nav Install
Saturday 30th October 06  Sat Nav Retrofit

Words & Photos: Ken Devitt

The speed sensor wire on the back of one of the instrument cluster looms needs to be tapped into. The wire is the black/white one, going into pin 8 of the white connector.

Connectors are supplied, but they're not great - so its worth stripping back the cable and soldering in the wire from the retrofit loom. The wire in question is red/brown.

Once this is done, you can put the instrument cluster back in.
The blue/yellow cable needs to be routed into the glove box. Unclip the fuse holders, and pull down toward yourself. You'll see a black box attached to the top of it. Pull this off, and twist it to face you. Once again, this is a tight fit. The wire will clip straight in - if there is a free space, if not you'll need to tap into one of the existing wires like I did.

I didn't get to take a photo of this section - as it was impossible to turn the box, and photograph it at the same time. I've attached the image from the BMW instructions which are as clear as mud. You can put the glove box back once you have this done.

Plug the radio loom into the matching section on the retrofit loom. Tape up the unused t-connector, and aerial connections. You won't need them for the new system.

The CD changer needs to be wired as well. Its very odd that BMW didn't just make a connector for this on the loom - instead you need to remove the cables from the metal connector, and stick them into supplied socket casings.

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