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mike murphy 16-Jan-2014 12:23 AM

Em1 track car
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After the last BMW driver track day last year I've had a big itch to build a track car for a bit of I went out the weekend and bought this a em1 coupe civic now I wouldent be a big Honda fan but its hard to argue with what they can do with such a small cc engine.The car I've got is a good clean standard car with no rust ,smokey engine or been messed around with.The plan first is to get it to handle as good as I can so ill strip it,bang on a set of new bc coilovers,a set of 16" light weight wheels with track tyres, camber arms,2 bucket seats and roll cage.Engine wise I'll let it alone for the moment.Im looking for a 98 spec type r gearbox because of the gear ratios and the fact as standard it has a LSD.Ive also got a set of bigger front brakes with prelude calipers and type r anti roll bars that I got from the brother for free so that was a result.The plan is to have it ready around June.

mike murphy 16-Jan-2014 12:30 AM

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Bought these today from a friend of mine 16" forged wheels with kumo track tyres.also picked up a set of cobra bucket seats but I'm not sure if I like them so i might hold on to them for a few days and see what happens.ill start stripping the car tommorow.

Kevin M 16-Jan-2014 11:07 AM

Don't put a bigger rear arb on without one of those subframe braces as it will rip the rear subframe to bits.
Check that your dizzy and leads are in good nick too.
Make sure u get a type r gearbox linkage and shifter too. The coupe one is like throwing a shovel at the gearbox to get the next gear lol...u can pick them up for around 50 euro and it's a very worthwhile investment ;)
I have a set of adjustable rear camber arms there which I used to have on my em1...give me a shout if u want them ;)

Ford 2 16-Jan-2014 12:33 PM

That was a very cheap em1.. I was gonna take alook at her. was wondering why it was up so long.. Good luck with it. Hard ta beat a honda.. you might get bored of the b16 if your into racing and want a b18c or something but best a luck

b16b borris 16-Jan-2014 02:15 PM

Don't buy a 98 spec box long 4th and 5th gear. B16 won't pull it well. . I've a ton of Honda bits from exhaust to came drop me a pm.

JohnC 16-Jan-2014 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by b16b borris (Post 850025)
Don't buy a 98 spec box long 4th and 5th gear. B16 won't pull it well

Which is why I told him to get a 4.9 for the S4C he has. Might was incredible

mike murphy 16-Jan-2014 08:25 PM

I've a buddy that does a bit of racing with a civic.He tells me if I get a 98 spec type r box he can use the 4th and 5th gear from my own box which should be the best of both worlds.ive been looking into a type r gear linkage today and I think Ive sorted one.I got the car stripped today all the interior is out now the hard part is taking out the sound deadening.I also got the aircon taken out its amazing the amount of weight you can take out in a few hours. I'll be getting the decat sorted tommorow and I'll be putting in a order for braided lines and front and rear pads.Then it's a brake for a few weeks as I'm waiting for my buddy to cage it and sort out the sunroof delete panel.

Bart 16-Jan-2014 08:30 PM

Nice one mike what is the standard HP, is the standard LSD up to the job you want it for?

mike murphy 16-Jan-2014 08:59 PM

Hi Bart there around 157 to 160 depends who you talk say if you put it on a dyno anything around 145 to 150bhp I think would be good.The gearbox in the car at the moment has no LSD so I'd don't fancy spending good money on tyres and coilovers to go up and be spinning one front tyre out from under it.Ill wait till I find one and when it does come up I'll grab it.Ill do all the other work first ie cage,seats harness,coilovers camber arms and sort the brakes out. I've 2 or 3 friends that race them so there a great help as they have the hard work already done for me in regards to what works and dosent work so ill only have to spend money once on good parts that work.Ill be leaving the engine standard bar I will baffle the sump and I'm putting in a thicker core aluminium radiator. Mabey after a bit of time I'll go for more power and go for the b18c but at the moment I've a budget of 3000e to stick to and at the moment I think ill come in under it.

mike murphy 21-Jan-2014 01:45 PM

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Got hold of a set of 2.2 vtec prelude carriers and calipers today as the ones I had were from a non vtec car so they wouldent suit.Also I'm going to be using a set of 04 mini front discs to bring my brake size from 260mm to 280mm and with the combination of the bigger pistons and pads I should have plenty of stopping power.Ill be using ebc yellow stuff pads with braided lines and I'll change the fluid.Think I might have sorted it a type r box too it's about twice the price I taught I could get one for but there impossible to get.Ive a type r gear linkage and 1"master cylinder also being dropped off today so the bits are coming along bit by bit.Ill get the brakes done today and collect the box mabey next week.

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