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Default OEM Style Android Screen Install E63

So I thought I would share some details on the Android OEM style Screen that I installed in my E63 to replace the rather dated 6.5" CCC screen that was originally installed. I had pondered a CIC (1,200) or NBT (2,200) upgrade but thought I would try this instead which worked out about 425 after import duty.

I bought the below to install, I chose this version over the many options on aliexpress as it seems the most discussed on some forums so there is some support available online beyond relying on the Chinese suppliers.

This unit is listed as fitting e60/61/63/64 and I can confirm that it fits perfectly in the e63 and everything is plug and play, no tapping of cables required.

The Good:
  • Screen is a huge improvement on original 6.5" screen so almost worth it for that alone
  • Install is plug and play so the only effort comes from routing wires etc.
  • Interface looks much more current and can choose between various NBT interfaces (original interface still available for service info etc.)
  • Additional functions: Hard drive connected for storage (1TB), 15GB internal storage available, Music and movies from internal storage or hard drive, Bluetooth music streaming, Navigation (I use waze instead of google maps which runs better), Spotify, Torque, YouTube, AppStore etc.

The Bad:
  • Haven't yet managed to get screen mirroring to work either via USB or wifi however I havent found that I need it for anything
  • Android version is dated at 4.4.4 but this doesnt really impact day to day operations
  • Somewhat underspec'd compared to current gen android tablets and is noticeable in startup time and when i tried to install the latest google maps, tablet couldnt handle it so had to revert to installed version
  • As sound relies on AUX input car always diverts to radio so you need to set this every time you start the car
  • No netflix available, I believe this is because Netflix doesn't work with unofficial/ rooted android devices
  • Changing to original interface is now stretched but this is minor
  • Had some issues with sound being low volume at the start and had to spend some time installing various android apps and making changes to resolve following forum threads but ultimately it resolved itself

The worth mentioning:
  • Automatically switches to a screen showing dynamic reversing lines which has driven me to get a rear view camera, currently wiring to the boot completed. Need to remove the bumper to install a camera but tested and works great
  • Input for DVR also has me searching for a dash cam that I can install

Overall 9/10 (point missing as newer hardware and android would be an improvement), would buy again and can recommend for anyone looking to upgrade their existing screen, particularly from CCC without navigation

Link to some installed photos:
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