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  1. Hi its a minefield out there, as far as wheels are concerned. I'm lost, please help... All I want to know is. Will a set of 18inch MV1's fit on a bnw 318d m sport 2010 plate, think the mv1's are off an 06.. plate ... They are both the same,as in 8.0 j x 18 on fronts and 8.5 j x18 on rear,, So...
  2. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Nowadays many car stereos don't have full lamination screen. I just saw XTRONS QCB10X1UN online and I'd like to upgrade my E84 2011 with it for its fully laminated screen. Is it much better than other non-laminated screen? What is full lamination screen for?
  3. For sale with 4 brand new run flats only after getting them Contact 0873600951
  4. BMW common problems and issues
    Hi all, I joined this forum and am hoping to gain much knowledge.
  5. Hi, Just fitted a s/h engine (old one seized),bought the car as a non runner so bit harder to find a fault with it since i never saw it running. Basically its not getting fuel. Pump in the tank doesn't prime or turn on when being cranked over. Gave it 12v and pump runs so not the pump. Pump...
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