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  1. E36 318is

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  2. E46 DSC help needed

    General Car Chat
    Right I've looked through most of the internet and tried to find a fix to this but can't! Basically I have the common problem of the "beep" and the dsc + amber handbrake light coming on! I've cleaned the wheel speed sensor and had the codes read one of the codes was for the rear right sensor and...
  3. E46 headlight problem

    General Car Chat
    Just looking to see if anyone had this problem, the light on the dash comes up to say theres a bulb gone/ a problem with the headlight on the passenger sid, this morning my indicator was on static now thats stopped happening all the lights work fine but the light still comes on it seems like its...
  4. bluetooth help

    General Car Chat
    i had my e46's stock business radio out today and after putting it back in the radio doesnt mute anymore when the phone rings through the handsfree read the manual from the handsfree and i did see the wire whic should be connected, according to the manual its the Car Radio Mute, previously when...
  5. E39 5 Series engine in E36 3 Series shell?

    Engine Transplants & Hybrids
    Hi all. I have a 318is that the engine is knackered in, and I want to convert it to either a 323i, 325i or 328i, but these cars seem to be hard got at the right money, but a 523i, 525i or a 528i are handier got and cheaper, so I was just wondering will these engines fit an e36 3 series shell, as...
  6. Motorsports help needed

    General Car Chat
    Well lads i have a set of motorsport reps and one wheel is missing a centre cap i took them off and looked at the back and theres a part number its 3B0017213666 as far as i can tell its a VMR part number but not sure anyone know where in ireland id get one of these and those adhesive stick on...
  7. New 3 Series Gran Turismo being released

    3 Series
    New 3 Series Gran Turismo being released - not bad ! The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo adds an innovative new concept to the successful BMW 3 Series line-up. The third body variant in the current model family combines the Sedan’s dynamic, sporting genes with the practicality and versatility of...
  8. E46 coilovers/lowering springs all or just rear

    BMW Parts Wanted
    hi, just lookin to lower my e46 i had a set of coilovers in it but one of the rear ones burst so i just replaced the two back ones with standard parts because i needed it done in a hurry for nct retest and left the coilovers in the front. Im lookin to sort it now so would be lookin for a rear...
  9. can any1 help

    General Car Chat
    hi guy iam new to this so bare wit me iam have a problom with my bmw 320d e46 the heaters in the car are not working right there is hot air comin out at the front window even when the heat is on cold and there is cold air wit a tiny bit of hot cumming out towards the cabin of the car when the...
  10. 19 Inch MV2 Wheels on E46 318

    3 Series
    Hi Guys, Can anyone let me know if it is ok to stick a set of 19' MV2 wheels on my 1999 318i E46 body? They are not a staggered set up and are official BMW wheels. Any help is really appreciated, Eddy5574
  11. looking for cheap 3series :)

    BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi all, i'm new here just on the look out for either a cheap E30 (316 if possible) or 94/95/96 (E36) cosmetically i'm not to pushed but engine wise must be good! any help or links would be appreciated ;) ps : in the price range of 100s not 1,000s of euros :D thanks in advance
  12. BMW e46 320Ci reversed into

    3 Series
    Hi guys, I got reversed into last night and just wanted a bit of advise from you guys. Thankfully she hit dead centre of the reg plate, and so it all looks cosmetic, passenger side grille needs to be replaced and the front bumper has shifted slightly on the passenger side also. So what I want...