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  1. 3 Series
    Hi All I'm looking at 3 series BMW's, 318's and 320's. I keep seeing in the spec z3sa or z3s7 or z3se. I have no idea what these mean, is there a list somewhere I can check against Thanks Reg
  2. BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi folks! I'm looking to buy a 3 series coupe BMW in the near future. I'm not too worried about which model to be honest but i am looking for a good deal :D The ideal car would be a reasonably priced 320cd (03-04). With under 125k miles. However I have no problem buying a petrol either...
  3. 3 Series
    Hey guys! Within the last 2 weeks ive started hearing a rattling noise from my 2000 318Ci :( I notice it happens only when i put the car in 1st & 2nd gear, it almost sounds like something is loose, i had a look under the car to the best i could, but couldnt see anything. So i wanted to see if...
  4. General Car Chat
    So, sounds like there is a humming noise coming from the front right of the car... beemerchris had a quick drive and thought it was the wheel bearing... it's that kind of sound... Changed the hub to a good one today and it's still there... it's only there at around 60km/h + Anyone have any...
  5. 3 Series
    Hi Guys, Can anyone let me know if it is ok to stick a set of 19' MV2 wheels on my 1999 318i E46 body? They are not a staggered set up and are official BMW wheels. Any help is really appreciated, Eddy5574
1-5 of 6 Results