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  1. 3 Series
    Hi,I have a 318is that had a burnt engine Lume...but replaced it with a 318i (8v) cranks but won't start (no spark or fuel coming) Any ideas? Thank you
  2. BMW Parts Wanted
    mine got destroyed and after a new one as i rebuild my e36 thanks!
  3. 3 Series
    As title... Just wondering what kind of real world mpg are people getting out of their E36 318is? Just bought ANOTHER 318is :D but this one will be used as a daily, and as the others were weekend cars I never monitored mpg, I just put in fuel when it was needed :p I have a 1.6 Avensis atm...
  4. BMW Parts Wanted
    As title, in good condition as close to Donegal as possible. Dont need a spoiler as I already have one. No mad prices please. Thanks
  5. Project Cars
    I bought this a few months ago from Sandyford Motors. 99 E36 318iS I always wanted an E36 coupe and the last of the M44's would do nicely. I know there are a few Avus Blue E36 coupes around and a lot of 318iS's as well and certainly in a lot better condition than mine, but hopefully I will be...
  6. BMW Parts for Sale
    A few E36 318iS parts for sale to fit a 1.9 16v M44 engine... Will do a deal on complete engine itself to get it out of the way. Engine has head gasket failure and possible head warp. Few bits separate -Alternator = €30 -Starter = €30 -Gearbox = €100 -Engine Loom = €40 -Coilpack = €20...
  7. BMW Parts Wanted
    have a standard exhaust on my 318is coupe looking for something but louder not ridiculously loud but something with a nice hum, maybe a schintzer exhaust or m3,
  8. General Car Chat
    was thinking of doing a 328i conversion in my 318is and I was just wondering how would this work out at NCT time? as i dont plan on changing the particulars on log book
  9. Engine Transplants & Hybrids
    Hi all. I have a 318is that the engine is knackered in, and I want to convert it to either a 323i, 325i or 328i, but these cars seem to be hard got at the right money, but a 523i, 525i or a 528i are handier got and cheaper, so I was just wondering will these engines fit an e36 3 series shell, as...
  10. Introduce yourself
    Hi my name is Paul and I'm from County Donegal. I just bought myself a 318iS a few weeks ago which now needs an engine :( .Few pictures of the car. It needs a drivers door as that one has a dent on it, and a drivers window regulator. Plans are to get either another 318iS 1.9 engine or else a...
  11. General Car Chat
    Howye lads ive an e36 318is m42 and i bought an fk automotive exhaust near nothing, but never even looked at changing my exhaust till i bought this so when i looked at mine i figured out the back box is huge and held on by clips on the sides bolted up anyway this is the exhaust i bought...
  12. General Car Chat
    Well lads i have a set of motorsport reps and one wheel is missing a centre cap i took them off and looked at the back and theres a part number its 3B0017213666 as far as i can tell its a VMR part number but not sure anyone know where in ireland id get one of these and those adhesive stick on...
  13. General Car Chat
    Can anyone tell me any where that sells e36 wish with pre installed ball joints and lollipop bush? Need it badly this afternoon would really appreciate the help!!! Thanks!!
  14. BMW Parts Wanted
    well lads i have three centre caps for my wheels but missing 1 (pain the h**e) but has anyone on here got a spare one really appreciat if youse do rather buy one then 4 when i have 3 already haha
  15. BMW Parts Wanted
    looking where to buy the spoiler for the top of the rear window anyone know a place that sells them? cheers
  16. Members Cars & Gallery
    Well lads have my car a year and always loved it but only started getting stuck into doing it up last 2-3 months should of started this thread then but ahh well! Its my daily a spent a good bit last december getting it ready for the nct all bushing and all that stuff done, some of the stuff ive...
  17. General Car Chat
    Lads any idea of what main group id look in for a retro fit kit for electric vent windows on the realoem website? On a e36 318is Cheers
  18. BMW Parts Wanted
    Lads looking for a set of 17" motorsports rather fakes cause nct is due soon and dont have the money for genuines atm just let me know the best price you can do cheers!
  19. General Car Chat
    Well lads i know this belongs in classifieds but only 2/3 people in it and i have a bit of cash there now so looking for a quick response before i blow my money on shit! But im looking to buy an e36 obc retrofit kit the onlyway ill be able to fit it is by following the guide on this website step...
  20. BMW Cars for Sale
    Placing this ad for a mate of mine, 318is Titansilber Metallic nct 24-02-14 tax 04-13 fully serviced,new oil in gearbox and diff new clutch 16" style 30 Alloys full cream leather interior with black piping usual wear to D/S US cupholders Pioneer cassette headunit,6cd changer cat back powerflow...
1-20 of 34 Results