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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi all, In need of some advice please! I have an F30 320d ED - 2012. EPS control light has come on and the faults are a sensor and the control unit itself. I want to replace the control unit with a second hand part which I believe comes attached to the rack, my question is does the Part...
  2. General Car Chat
    Hi guys; my first post on here... so I’ve got the dreaded hesitation around the 1700rpm mark on my 320d, No EML & no errors showing when car is on diagnostics The car is mapped and EGR has been deleted and blanked off, I’ve checked and cleaned MAP & MAF sensors and still no joy, car is...
  3. BMW common problems and issues
    So, I had an oil leak that I was pretty sure was coming from the oil filter housing gasket so I replaced this and only remembered that I hadn't swapped the pipe unions that are inside the housing once the whole things was back together and running. I decided to see how it went. fast forward...
  4. BMW Cars Wanted
    Wanted to buy 320d e90 163bhp preferably m sport..standard or modified. As a newbe have the wanted car in for sale section also🤔Appoligies for the confusion. Having trawled through the soul distroying for car for sale sites a friend suggested I might sourse one here from someone who knows there...
  5. Tyre & Wheels
    Hi, I am looking at getting jr11 alloys for my 2011 e90 320d, was thinking of going 9.5j in 19's all around? 245 and 255's on front and back. I am on standard m sport suspension for now but will lower it on coilers later.. Can this set up work? Thanks
  6. BMW common problems and issues
    Having boost leak problems with a 2005 320cd, the usual issue with the couplings between boost pipes and intercooler. Tiger seal and screws had fixed this for a while but is not a permanent fix. Boost leaks on these cars are made obvious by oil (coming from the CCV) escaping through the same...
  7. 3 Series
    Hi, recently I noticed anytime I go over a bump or anything uneven in the road, I hear a knocking noise right underneath the middle of the car? any guesses, whats wrong? Thanks
  8. 3 Series
    So went out to the car dis mornin to warm it up. It was a bit slow to start but still started no bother. Went out 10 to 15 mins later nd car wasn't running. Tried to start it but battery was dead. Jumped started it off the girlfriends car nd started no problem but once disconnected it ran for...
  9. 3 Series
    So picked dis up Friday nd delighted wit it tho I do miss the 6 cylinder pull from the old 525tds. Did half a service today on it nd only half as I'd no size 36 socket to change the oil filter?. Changed the turbo breather filter also as a new turbo has just gone into it for peice of mind. Change...
  10. BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for one of these for awhile now ive been to numerous scrap yards but apparently there only on late 2003 models and newer and has to be from a diesel? So if anyone has one thanks!!
  11. Engine & Tuning
    Hi everybody, Just got the car remapped, see results below. What else can a layman person do to get a bit more oomph? Is it worth getting one of the K&N Apollo Cold Air Induction kits, for example? Cheers
  12. Engine & Tuning
    Hey lads, Looking to find a BMW engine specialist based in Dublin/surrounding areas. Have a fairly common problem with a handful of probable causes: - white/blue smoke on start-up. Its a 07 320d with 108,000miles on the clock. Owned the car from new and oil changed every 8k without fail. It...
  13. BMW Parts for Sale
    Hi all, Decided to clear out a load of parts I have sitting around the house. I am based in Dublin Parts are as follows: 3 series E90 Description: Set of 4 genuine BMW M Sport Springs for 320d saloon Price:€100 Condition: 50k miles Excellent condition 3 series E90 Description: Set of...
  14. Engine & Tuning
    I know alot of people hate this but was looking to put the "choo" pigeon effect noise into the car when i let off the throttle. Any body know what i have to do with it sounding like a ould massey ferguson 35 all the time like some of the boras around. its a 320d e46 150bhp. Help with be greatly...
  15. 3 Series
    Hi guys I recently crashed my 02 320d and because the insurance decided not to pay out after i had already replaced it i im now stuck with it and im wondering what is my best option when it comees to getting rid of it. I have the room to keep it in my yard and break it but i dont think i want...
  16. General Car Chat
    Well bought an e46 320D and the if i put discs in the cd changer in the boot it just reads NO DISCS anyone else have this problem or know whats wrong?
  17. Members Cars & Gallery
    Picked up this about 6 weeks ago from a local dealer. 05 e90 320d in my favourite e90 colour A22:smile: Ex Irish Wire company car so fully serviced from word go!:love: Frist BMW so hope its a goodn! Plan to keep it simple (famous last words) Alloys,-----------check Matt black grills...
  18. Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    Hi, I recently got an E46 320dSE. The inner tyres are worn pretty much right through. It's lowered, which I know affects the camber. Is there any other way around this camber issue, other than reverting to the stock height/suspension? Thanks in advance, Chris
  19. BMW Cars Wanted
    Considering one of either of these for the better half, appreciate if you guys know of any good ones for sale or going for sale ;)
  20. 3 Series
    Hi guys im having a problem starting my 320d, its fine when i start it from cold but when it gets up to running temp if i turn it off it wont start again until its cooled almost completely down. The problem just started ramdomly one day and has been the same ever since. It will start with a push...
1-20 of 46 Results