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  1. e46 323ci will salon mirrors fit on it or can i use the internal frame to fix mine

    3 Series
    e46 323ci will salon mirrors fit on it or can i use the internal frame to fix mine I just got sent some second hand wing mirrors and the chap told me they where from a coupe but they where from a 5door Ive a broken passenger mirror on my 2000 323ci (the frame of the units is broken inside...
  2. Engine Numbers where to find?

    Engine & Tuning
    Guys, This is prob a dumb question, I am looking to do a retro fit on my standard steering wheel. I want to stick in a MF one and get cruise control working. I understand I may need to get an adaptor to do this and thats fine, however the adaptors and dependant on an engine number ie: m47n...
  3. E46 323ci coupe for sale/swap

    BMW Cars for Sale
    E46 BMW 323ci for sale, 2000, topaz blue in colour.. Chrome window trim as standard, manual box, 2.5litre. E46 M3 wheels (staggered, wider rears), good tyres. Sony cd player only a few months old Piano black interior trim, HID 6k kit lowered -40 (est) on (coilovers on front) Car needs...
  4. E46 facelift lights on non facelift coupe

    3 Series
    After reading through ciars e46 thread last night made me want his lights :D The E46 M3 never came with the facelifted front, right? just wondering would it take a hell of a lot of work/money to go for facelifted front lights on my 2000 323ci, with modified M3 front wings, CSL replica front...
  5. My new minty E46 323ci coupé

    Members Cars & Gallery
    Here's a few pics of my new car.. 2000 E46 323ci. Will update later with spec but pretty much standard bar being lowered, E46 M3 wheels, piano black interior trim, HID kit, sony cd player, ipod connection, hands free, chrome pack, etc. Future upgrades, CSL front bumper if I can source a good...