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  1. N52 or N53 . . . 325i query

    General Car Chat
    Hey guys, I'm looking at this car tomorrow and was trying to figure out if it's the N52 or N53 engine ..... and which version is better?! My research seems to come up with pretty numerous reliability issues on both - though the N53 seems a bit more troublesome...
  2. 320,325,330ci standard exhaust and rear mtec diffuser wanted

    BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for a 330,325,323,320 standard exhaust (backbox). Also looking for a rear diffuser that takes two exhuasts, ie 330 325 320 rear mtec diffuser.
  3. E36 325TDS complete car for parts

    BMW Parts Wanted
    95 bmw e36 325tds for parts. breaking COMPLETE car, all parts available. rear diff.. will spin both back wheels, prop-shaft and drive shafts. 18 inch alloys off a 04 BMW x4. spare is a smaller bmw alloy. sold 4 doors- good condition, no dents, electric windows all body panels- good condition...