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  1. E46 320ci Msport

    BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi, looking for the above, manual, petrol, 02-04, with a good spec/extras and nct. Preferably black, but others colours considered. Willing to travel for right car/price. Thanks
  2. e46 325ci coolant

    Engine & Tuning
    Right, so this afternoon I decided to check oil+fluid levels and noticed that the coolant level had dropped slightly. I would say it reads above the minimum mark by about 25%. Now seeing that this is a closed system I am suddenly very worried that there's something amiss here. The last time I...
  3. 325ci resonator delete

    General Car Chat
    Alright lads, I swear I'm not a boy racer, but since getting my 325ci I've just wanted more noise, it was very quiet all the time. And for me, who covers little mileage and most miles are purely for the joy of it, I decided to remove the resonator closest to the backbox. I really wasn't sure...
  4. Alan's e46 325ci

    Members Cars & Gallery
    Loving it. M kit needed though.
  5. e46 325ci water pump replacement

    Engine & Tuning
    Hey guys, Just curious about the water pump in my e46 325ci. The car has 120,000 miles, and the history only shows the thermostat as being changed(I have the old one in the boot), now as far as I can tell, the car is running fine, no overheating, the waterpump doesn't make any funny noises...
  6. Howdy, first BMW inside!

    Introduce yourself
    Evening folks, I'm new around these parts but I just picked up this from a fellow BMW-Driver member last week. e46 325ci, lowered on H & R springs. So far all i've done is replace the indicator lenses and centre caps on the replica wheels.
  7. 325ci wanted

    BMW Cars Wanted
    E46 325ci wanted Hey there, On the look out for a 325ci my requirements are as follows: - Must be manual - Preferably m sport - Would rather avoid UK imports, have seen too many clocked and wrecked imports recently - Mileage below 100000 is a plus, but not a deal breaker - Budget is 4000...
  8. E46 325ci dropping revs

    Engine & Tuning
    Hey hey, Got an e46 325ci which is dropping revs. Example. I'm in 4th or 5th at about 3,500rpm (50-55mph) and when I accelerate the revs jump to about 4,750-5000rpm and then drops back to 4,500rpm before the power kicks in. It might be the MAF but I am unsure that I need to replace this as it...
  9. Shane's Imola Red 325Ci

    Members Cars & Gallery
    I picked up this gem from a fellow member on Friday and so far I am delighted with it! It is a 2002 E46 325 Ci M-Sport in a pretty rare colour if I may so myself:D Spec as follows: -Imola Red II -M54B25 6 cylinder engine producing 192bhp -19" CSL Replicas staggered fitment -Lowered on Eibach...