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    This had replaced my daily s14a of 4 years, running at 1bar at the time, since the baby seat never fit in the nissan :) Have it 2.5 years now and had done the following to it: * m badges removal (ignored the numberplate surrounds for now) * minus the swirl flaps (thanks to ValdelisBMW) * a...
  2. Project Cars
    By now I'm sure you know my last project, the TDS Project Smoke Machine which I sold out my half of (Click HERE). Heres my new machine I've wanted to create yet another Diesel Drifter Torque Monster from an E46 330d for a while now since I figured out Mapping. I finally got the opportunity when...
  3. BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi all, I am looking for a 325d or 330d coupe m sport. The car preferably will have less than 80k miles. I plan on going to the uk if I cannot source one in Ireland at a reasonable price. Cash waiting Thanks, Daniel