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  1. Members Cars & Gallery
    After a brief absence to Audi land I decided to come back to my roots :D Was happy to pick up this F31 Sport 320d - I was browsing a few before I found one with low mileage with the combo spec I was after Some of the spec includes; Auto with Paddles 19" 403M Wheels M Sport/Performance brake...
  2. General Car Chat
    Well lads just wondering if anyone on here has purchased a cable and inpa software? I understand theres a lot of problems and endless hours of getting the ebay ones to work but i found this which seems to get great reviews from the english forums! But i bought a laptop...
  3. General Car Chat
    well lads airbag light came on there tonight and was wondering is there anyone around west dublin kind of blanch lucan etc that could turn it off for me without having to go and have my money take for pushing a few buttons! I know the problem is the seat belt tensioner which i was told is...
  4. General Car Chat
    Just looking for peoples general opinion on replacing the battery on the e46 fob, was working fine from a decent range until about a week ago and now it doesnt work at all, using my spare key atm and have heard that dealers charge a small fortune in comparisent to buying a battery! Im also a bit...
  5. General Car Chat
    Lads looking for the visual differences between these engines if you could please help! Thanks!
  6. BMW Parts Wanted
    looking where to buy the spoiler for the top of the rear window anyone know a place that sells them? cheers
  7. Members Cars & Gallery
    Well lads have my car a year and always loved it but only started getting stuck into doing it up last 2-3 months should of started this thread then but ahh well! Its my daily a spent a good bit last december getting it ready for the nct all bushing and all that stuff done, some of the stuff ive...
  8. General Car Chat
    Lads any idea of what main group id look in for a retro fit kit for electric vent windows on the realoem website? On a e36 318is Cheers
  9. General Car Chat
    Ive two shitty fake alpina badges which are gone to shite on my car sonce i bought it and got 2 bmw badges but one came flying off on the motorway :P been looking for these black carbon badges anyone any idea of a place in dublin preferably near blanchardstown!!! On where to get them in the...
  10. BMW Parts Wanted
    Lads looking for a set of 17" motorsports rather fakes cause nct is due soon and dont have the money for genuines atm just let me know the best price you can do cheers!
  11. General Car Chat
    Getting the car sprayed the next month or two and wouldnt mind doing something else big after that thinking of supercharging it! Anyone know of anywhere to get it done and how much id be looking at? Cheers! :)
  12. General Car Chat
    Right lads quick response needed have my e36 fogs tinted yellow and headlights done black going out now to get a few bits so my question is leave the fogs yellow or do them black? Cheers!
  13. Members Cars & Gallery
    Well which would you prefer! And dont be going by value! Any input on anything to do to my e36 put them in bold hahah
  14. General Car Chat
    Well lads just thought id ask on this how much and were would be the best + cheapest place to get my windscreen replaced? And my heater doesnt be cold at your feet or on the windscreen is this the design of the e36 as on the knob to change were the air comes from its all white except at your...
1-14 of 14 Results