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  1. 5 Series
    Hello everyone I'm new here 😉 Can someone help me I got BMW F10 520d 2010 sedan I currently have broken Sat nav that isn't working properly because it has German language but car is from Ireland so it should have English, anyway I was looking and saw that you can buy now F10 Android Carplay...
  2. 5 Series
    Hi there, I'm thinking of getting a new exhaust for my 2009 E60 520d. Looking at Fox, Supersprint and Jetex. Has anyone any experience with these? Is it a waste of cash seen as it's a 520d? Have it remapped to 210 bhp so there's a bit of power there. Thanks for the help, Alan.
  3. BMW Cars for Sale
    Not 100% sure weather I want to sell, but I fancy a bike and large van, so I'll see what happens.. E60 BMW 520i SE (M-Sport extras) 5 Series 2003. NCT: 10-14 Taxed: 08-14 Just serviced by an independent mechanic. Oil changed at 109k miles (110 on clock), Rocker cover gaskets replaced with...
  4. 5 Series
    Hi there, I'm new to this forum, so forgive any stupid questions.... I have done some searching on this, but dont see a fix anywhere! I recently purchased a 2008 520d MSport from a main dealer, and have encountered a small issue with the wiper blades... I noticed that the end of the wiper...
  5. General Car Chat
    Hi All, First post here as I'm looking at buying a 520d and have two options: 1. Dec 2007 2.0l Touring M Sport or 2. Jan 2007 2.0l Saloon M Sport I would actually love the Touring, looks great and is practical, has slightly less mileage than the saloon. However the problem I'v heard is...
  6. General Car Chat
    Hi there, Is this engine sounds right to you? It's an E60 520d. :confused:Thank you for your inputs in advance.
  7. 5 Series
    Well folks, I am having a strange problem with my pre LCI 520d automatic. When I am in drive and come to a standstill I am getting an intermittent judder from the engine. It's not hunting like it will cut out or anything, and if I knock it into neutral it goes away. Seems to only happen when...
  8. 5 Series
    Hi all, I broke an alloy wheel lastnight in a pothole and its gonna take about 3-4 weeks to get a replacement wheel to come in. I have the spacesaver on but I will be doing plenty of driving over the next month so I dont fancy having to drive so slow until my new wheel arrives. Does anybody...
  9. 5 Series
    Thinking of installing a tuning box to up the torque and bhp. Has anyone got one of these boxes fitted? Like to get some feedback. shows the performance figures as: default: 177/350 HP/Nm upgrade: 211/410 HP/Nm Thanks.
1-9 of 9 Results