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  1. BMW Cars for Sale
  2. BMW common problems and issues
    going to possibly lift an e39 520i for a bit of messing this evening, but the car needs an alternator. would an alternator of an e36/e46 316i or 318i or anything else like that fit? just they could be easier got around my area. thanks
  3. BMW Cars for Sale
    Not 100% sure weather I want to sell, but I fancy a bike and large van, so I'll see what happens.. E60 BMW 520i SE (M-Sport extras) 5 Series 2003. NCT: 10-14 Taxed: 08-14 Just serviced by an independent mechanic. Oil changed at 109k miles (110 on clock), Rocker cover gaskets replaced with...
  4. Members Cars & Gallery
    Well im back in a BMW again. Picked up this tasty E60 only a couple of days ago. This'll be the 6th BMW I've owned and easily the nicest! I've a few ideas floating about the head I want to change, including the current 19" staggered/dished wheels it's currently sat on, to msports, or the ones...
  5. BMW Cars for Sale
    BMW 520i. New NCT 2.0 Ltr 150Bhp engine (cheaper tax) Irish Car. (no rust) 140,000 miles. Black leather interior (Like New) Headlights upgraded to Bmw Angel eyes BMW original clear Lenses Rear Alloys in great condition & not curbed. 4 Good tyres Serviced twice in...
  6. 5 Series
    Bought a 00 520i recently. Have to say although it's not fast at all it is very comfortable and I'm happy with it because the previous owner minded it like a baby and used a 530d as a doner car to upgrade the spec. So mine has all the upgraded lights and a nearly new black leather interior. I'm...
  7. 5 Series
    Hey Everyone, Have recently bought a 2001 BMW 525i- previously had a 318i. Just wondering is there a simple way of tensioning the handbrake cable on the 525i. I've had cars before that were very easy to do this, but cant manage it on the 525i. Your help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  8. Members Cars & Gallery
    Finally got a "new" bumper for my car - old one stopped a small wall from crashing through the front of my car. Honestly, it came out of nowhere in a car park. Replaced by a temporary blue bumper - but it just didn't look quite right. Incidentally, the only two incidents where my car has...
1-8 of 8 Results