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  1. General Car Chat
    Hi folks, Have always wanted an E60 and looking at the 520d I was finding them very expensive in every year. Then I came across a 523i , 2006, 140k miles. It's in mint condition and only 3k. Anyone any experience with this model? Should I go the extra 2 or 3k for a diesel or would the 523i be...
  2. 5 Series
    I have a 2006 Bmw e60 523i with automatic transmission, n52 engine. 63,000 miles on the clock. I need to buy oil for my car soon, as the level is getting low. The last time I topped up, I topped up with : Castrol Edge 0 W-30 Fully Synthetic with BMW LongLife-04 approval Just wondering...
  3. General Car Chat
    Another space saver thread : ) I know this has probably been covered to death. I'm changing my e60 5 series to run flats and am on the lookout for a space saver. I know these are as rare as feck and go for about 300 euro, which in my opinion is just plain wrong. I'm specifically looking for...
1-3 of 3 Results