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  1. BMW common problems and issues
    Greetings, I have a 2001 bmw e39 530d 193hp stock. When I bought it last year the sound from the engine wasn't as pronounced as it is now. The gar gar gar sound diesels make. It is quite loud now. The car is straight piped as it was before and has sweet sound at the back, but at the front it...
  2. BMW common problems and issues
    Bit of a difficult one to describe. If I accelerate to any speed, let's say for example 60mph, and them hold it at that speed, the car starts to chugg. It's like it's looking for the next gear or something and it's getting worse over the past week. Is it the gearbox or could it be something...
  3. BMW Cars Wanted
    I am currently making arrangements to put my m3 in storage for the winter so I'm after a nice e39 530d Sport, cash waiting for right car.
  4. BMW Cars Wanted
    Sick of wasting time looking at shitters, cash waiting must be good example and nothing over 130,000 documented history an obvious plus
  5. Engine & Tuning
    Hi Guys, New to the site and thought I'd chip in (excuse the pun) on an old thread, but I can't find anything recent on the subject. I'm thinking of getting my E39 530d (193bhp) re-mapped. Most people seem to be very positive about having this done, but are there any pit-falls or anything to...
  6. BMW Parts Wanted
    How it going. I'm looking for two injectors for a 2002 E39 530D I've had two clap out on me! PM or reply here if anyone has a few knocking around!
  7. Introduce yourself
    Hey lads, Have a 03 plated E39 530d sport about 6 months so I said it's about time I joined up and get invlolved, past cars were typcially Jap but I've had a couple of e30's a while back. I take some photos as a hobbie my fb page below, so if there's a meet or anyone wants a few photos done...
  8. Members Cars & Gallery
    Few pics of my 530D
  9. BMW Parts for Sale
    Got in a perfect undamaged E39 530d SE Full Black Leather, perfect autobox, good engine etc. Its got Shadowline trim and clear lights all round Engine - 900 Autobox - 300 Turbo - 300 Leather - 350 Clear lamp kit, front and rear - 200 Shadowline SE complete - 100 Remanufactured 001 ABS...
  10. 5 Series
    Hi all, I broke an alloy wheel lastnight in a pothole and its gonna take about 3-4 weeks to get a replacement wheel to come in. I have the spacesaver on but I will be doing plenty of driving over the next month so I dont fancy having to drive so slow until my new wheel arrives. Does anybody...
1-10 of 10 Results