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  1. For Sale e60 530i SE

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Hi Folks, A career opportunity has arisen for me to move to the USA in the next few months so I'm selling my E60 530i (and the missus's 03 Honda C-RV) I am the 3rd owner of the car, it was originally the Russian ambassadors car, it's had a very easy life and has been impeccably looked after...
  2. Replacing the Battery on an E60 - reprogramming question

    5 Series
    Lads, I think the battery on the car is pretty much dead. I checked the voltage it's 12.6 Volts engine off, 13.6 engine running, so to me it suggests the alternator is running fine. The car always starts, sometime its a bit sluggish if I have left it a few days. At traffic lights, I can see...