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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi all. Just want to start off by saying I’m a proper noob and although I love to think I’m a car buy I shiver when a problem arises LOL. I am having rather major trouble with my beloved e63 635d which I have owned for 5 years now. I recently had the alternator changed only 2 months ago...
  2. Members Cars & Gallery
    Picked up my 535d Sport about 6 weeks ago now or so, after getting it home I just got it fully serviced really oils and filters, rear balljoints and crankcase filter unit and replaced the rear tyres with new RE050 A's Couple of weeks ago I brought it up to Conor (healyc) to fit some...
  3. Members Cars & Gallery
    Ever since my e39 530d I've always wanted an e60 sport, then I got a e46 320cd for good money so I took it, then I got the m3 thing out of my system so it was finally time to make the jump :D Picked up this 05 535d, power and torque is amazing, I do miss that m3 brap however, I'll update with...
  4. General Car Chat
    I just bought a 535d and want to get all the parts for my mechanic to service Engine oil - 5w -30 507 spec ? Turbo filters, I seen vortex type being discussed ? Oil and Air and fuel filters which Is fine Gearbox oil, what's recommended here ? Gearbox filter Is there anything else I should...
  5. 5 Series
    Drove a friends car this week and hit the stoppers at 150mph on a private track and got nothing ,No bite from the OE pad which I'm told by Conlons is Brembo, What are people using in an aftermarket pad and how would you rate them?
1-5 of 5 Results