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  1. Bmw inpa

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    Well lads just wondering if anyone on here has purchased a cable and inpa software? I understand theres a lot of problems and endless hours of getting the ebay ones to work but i found this which seems to get great reviews from the english forums! But i bought a laptop...
  2. E36 old school vs e60

    Members Cars & Gallery
    Well which would you prefer! And dont be going by value! Any input on anything to do to my e36 put them in bold hahah
  3. BMW Z3M Roadster. Back end section complete.

    BMW Parts for Sale
    Hi guys, I have a complete back section for a Z3m Roadster 2000 model. It is cut from behind the two seats across the floor. It has both rear quarter panels and bootlid plus the bumper and bumper reinforcement. There is no wheels or suspension under it. I bought it as is from Scotland to repair...