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  1. Quad exhaust 630i

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    Hey, I have a 05 630i and put an m6 bumper on it, so it looks very unfinished like the attached. I want big dual oval exhaust tips to fill the gaps, like the meisterschaft ones...
  2. Stoptech Drilled performance brakes (Discs and pads) for E63 Bmw 645Ci

    BMW Parts for Sale
    Had bought these for my BMW 645Ci but never got around to installing them on my car as i sold it shortly after getting them . included is 4 x Stoptech Sport Stop Cross drilled Brake discs and front and back Stoptech street Performance Brake pads. Stoptech are a leader in performance...
  3. Which battery ( 2 choices )

    General Car Chat
    ok i looked up on realoem which battery i need for my car and it gives 2 options 110AH regular battery or 90AH AGM Battery confusingly the 90AH is the more expensive battery , when i rang the dealer he asked me what i had in the car that there was 2 choices so whats the difference :confused:
  4. 645 LED Angel Eyes

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    Anyone ever fitted these in an e63? If so, know an Irish / UK website that stocks them?
  5. Comfort headrest retrofit

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    hi all just wondering does anyone know is it possible to install comfort headrests on a 6 series . i know it can be done on the E60 ( see link below) , but cant find any info for the E63 ?? the headrest doesnt come forward enough for me so want these if it is possible anyone have any idea ...