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  1. what other alternator fits an E39 520?

    BMW common problems and issues
    going to possibly lift an e39 520i for a bit of messing this evening, but the car needs an alternator. would an alternator of an e36/e46 316i or 318i or anything else like that fit? just they could be easier got around my area. thanks
  2. e30 316 alternator question

    3 Series
    Hey all, The voltage regulator in my e30 316 ('87) is toast, only providing 12V. I was going to get it replaced but an auto electrician told me that I might as well replace the whole (65 amp) alternator, as refitting this part can cause complications. As the alternator is 422 eur and the...
  3. New car, New user, First problem!

    Introduce yourself
    Hey all, A couple of friends have been using this site for a few years now and think very highly of it. So when I bought my first beemer this week they insisted that his would be my new home! :) So, I bought a 645Ci last weekend from my boss and need some help with an outstanding issue (which...