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  1. OEM Style Android Screen Install E63

    In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    So I thought I would share some details on the Android OEM style Screen that I installed in my E63 to replace the rather dated 6.5" CCC screen that was originally installed. I had pondered a CIC (€1,200) or NBT (€2,200) upgrade but thought I would try this instead which worked out about €425...
  2. A little app for car enthusiasts

    Non Car Chat
    Hi all, sorry I haven't been on here much lately as I sold my 318iS to raise funds for college (Just saying so you don't think this is some kind of spam advertising) I've released an app for android with a good few (35) sounds of many exotics and dream cars and just thought some of you might be...
  3. Best Tablet PC

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    So what do ye reckon lads what's the best tablet PC on the Market at the moment ???