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  1. BMW Parts for Sale
    Hi All, I'll be getting a full Leather SE interior for the E46 Coupe tomorrow, getting it as part of selling an M3 interior to a friend. Not 100% on the condition, Will have it out tomorrow and hopefully have some pics. Set includes doorcards and armrest, cube-dash trim also available...
  2. BMW Parts for Sale
    I have a Beige leather E39 armrest and storage area for sale. The armrest is the lifting type and was taken from a 2003 car with 110,000 miles. Parts are in good condition, no rips tears etc. I'm in Dundalk and Athlone every week or I can send it with Fastway/DPD for €8 extra. Payment can be...
  3. 5 Series
    Just looking for an answer to a (probably very dumb)question here guys I have had a 01 E39 2.2 Auto now for a few years and recently got a 02 2.2 Manual. The thing is, the new one does not have the MFSW, so I am thinking of swapping wheels around. I assume there is a loom there at the back that...
  4. Interior
    When I got the car coins were in behind the ashtray and they caused the fuse to blow. I removed the coins and replaced fuse and the ashtray socket works fine now. The socket inside the armrest doesn't work. Is there a separate fuse? If so what is the symbol. Or do I need to replace the socket.
1-4 of 4 Results