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  1. Wheels & Tyres
    BMW BBS RC090 17 inch Alloy Wheels - BMW code Style 5 Recently factory refurbished by Voodoo Motorsport (VAG specialists) Genuine BMW brand new hub caps Refurbishment includes: New Painted Centres New Painted Barrels New Chrome Hardware & Mild Steel Nuts All wheels straightened & true...
  2. BMW Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for one or two Mint cross spoke alloys as above, no requirement for tyres or centre caps. Thanks.
  3. Members Cars & Gallery
    hey just up dating on my car so far here is what it used to look like now i hav put coilovers in it took the badges off the back and a few other bits tell me what u think
  4. Tyre & Wheels
    Due to the state of the North Tipp roads I drive on I have conceded to the fact that i can't run 18's on my coupe, had them on my Golf before and on average i had a puncture a week and eventually got so sick of them i downgraded to 17's. What are my options for a 17" wheel on the E46? I would...
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    Lads, no storage for these so they've gotta go. The wheels have zero kerbing, but have suffered laquer damage, significant on the rear dishes. Tyres are 75% on the front, but the rears will need changing after the summer. Important bits: Staggered BBS LM Replicas (8 x 18 / 9 x 18) ET 35 -...
  6. Members Cars & Gallery
    NEW PICS PAGE 3 Hi guys, Many of you know I eventually bought my BMW a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would start with a teaser pic until I get the rest of them uploaded from my camera during the week. Must thank Brian for his time and patience with the camera aswell.
1-6 of 6 Results