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  1. E92: retrofit bluetooth

    3 Series
    Hi folks There's many threads in the Internet about this but I can't seem to figure out what's required to get BT working in my car. This is what I have: S1CAA - Selection of COP relevant vehicles S663A - BMW Professional Radio S694A - Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer S8SPA - Control unit COP...
  2. Bmw e60 and galaxy s4

    In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    I have a 520d 2006 model and i recently got a galaxy s4 before that i had a blackberry the one with the touch screen and qwerty keyboard? Well anyway the blackberry bluetooth worked fine synched my contacts all that but when i connect my s4 only some of my contacts show! For eg i have 4 numbers...
  3. bluetooth help

    General Car Chat
    i had my e46's stock business radio out today and after putting it back in the radio doesnt mute anymore when the phone rings through the handsfree read the manual from the handsfree and i did see the wire whic should be connected, according to the manual its the Car Radio Mute, previously when...
  4. Advice for In Car entertainment

    In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hello All, First post yay. Ok so im currently looking at buying a 04-07 E60 520. What i really want out of this car is is a good entertainment setup. I currently play all my music from my Galaxy S3 using Google Music over Bluetooth to a parrot kit which feeds into my head unit. What i would...
  5. Bluetooth connectivity or phone cradle

    In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Dear All, I recently bought a 5-series BMW, 2006, which had previously a phone cradle for a Nokia 6300 fitted under the arm rest. From the IDrive display it would also appear that the car is equipped with bluetooth. However, when I tried to connect my own work phone, a Nokia E5 via Bluetooth...