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  1. 3 Series
    I want to share BMW E46 330d 184 hp Automatic transmission GM 5L40-E replacement + oil and filter . I did it recently , please feel free to ask me any questions 😊 . More info in the video discussion 👇👇👇.
  2. BMW common problems and issues
    I had a issue with my BMW e46 320D . It was losing power and had black smoke . After problems investigation I was focused on Turbocharger Pressure transducer or so called Turbocharger regulator, it’s purpose is to control an vacuum actuator valve which control on the other hand the geometry of...
  3. 3 Series
    I found another working fuel pump and took it from another car by myself to make sure that the pump will be in time position. If you find a pump which is already removed from a car, you have to send it for test and timing, there are specialised car repair shops with special test bench machine...
  4. 3 Series
    In that video we gonna work on BMW E46 320D facelift 150hp M47N engine ! Mass air flow ( MAF ) sensor (part number: 13712247002) is quite easy to replace, but not the case with charge air pressure sensor (boost pressure) replacement. Let me show you how to replace it and where is located ! BOOST...
  5. Engine & Tuning
    Hey guys, Just curious about the water pump in my e46 325ci. The car has 120,000 miles, and the history only shows the thermostat as being changed(I have the old one in the boot), now as far as I can tell, the car is running fine, no overheating, the waterpump doesn't make any funny noises...
1-5 of 5 Results