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  1. 5 Series
    Drove a friends car this week and hit the stoppers at 150mph on a private track and got nothing ,No bite from the OE pad which I'm told by Conlons is Brembo, What are people using in an aftermarket pad and how would you rate them?
  2. Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    hi guys, i have a e46 325ci. i was going to replace mu brake pads yesterday when i noticed my piston are very rusty and wont push back. (broke a c clamp :( ) i think im gonna need new ones. just wanna say its my first brake job and i have no clue which way to proceed as there are few ways...
  3. Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    Hi Lads, I am looking for some advise re brakes on my 05 e46 320D. The brakes slow the car down, but seem to take a while to bite and bring to a full stop. Looking at them, I am not convinced the pads are making full contact with the disks. This is a job I would not be comfortable tackling...
  4. BMW Parts for Sale
    Brand new in box set of Rear Textar Brake Pads. Part Number: 2148701. Never fitted and have since sold my M3. Will suit the following: E46 M3 M3 3.2 (343HP) M3 CSL (360HP) E39 M5 M5 (400HP) E38 7 Series 725 tds (143HP) 728 i,iL (193HP) 730 d (184HP) 730 d (193HP) 730 i,iL (211HP)...
  5. Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    My car had the NCT yesterday and failed on corroded rear brake lines - although it actually passed the braking tests. I've done a search and it seems that this is a common problem, what I want to know is roughly how much it's going to cost to fix and can anyone recommend somewhere to get it...
  6. General Car Chat
    Hey guys, Does anyone know a mechanic in Wicklow/Wexford who can change some brake discs and pads on a 645Ci in the evening time? I'm in a bad way to try get it sorted before the weekend. One disc is warped so need to do it asap. I already have the new discs, pads, sensors, etc. Just need...
1-6 of 6 Results