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  1. 5 Series
    Has anyone cleaned the air con on an E60. There's a bit of a mouldy smell when you switch it on first. I have changed the two microfilters and the housing for both filters. Saw this on But from reading online, this won't work by inserting the tube through the vents. Would...
  2. Members Cars & Gallery
    Hi Folks, Here is my new 320D. To Do List for coming months. Clean Exhaust tip. Remap + DPF removal possibly. Refurb front Alloys. New Centre caps for alloys. 5mm Spacers for rear wheels. Front Bumper Touch Up and Re-spray. Full Wax and Polish badly needed. New Breather Filter. :)
  3. BMW Cars Wanted
    Sick of wasting time looking at shitters, cash waiting must be good example and nothing over 130,000 documented history an obvious plus
  4. Cleaning & Detailing
    Had a day off today so decided to clean the car. Weather is unbelievable up near me so it was a sweaty one but well worth it :). Only had the car for two weeks now so it deserved it's first big wash. Also can anyone advise me on a Wheel cleaner, leather cleaner and their favorite polish...
1-4 of 4 Results