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  1. 5 Series
    I want to share with all of you the reference parameters of BMW N62 scanned with diagnostic tool Launch Diagun x431. This you can see in the video below 👇 in order to be able to compare and diagnose the reason of a misfire and unstable idle or other issues with your N62B48 engine!
  2. Coding & Diagnostics
    Is your BMW Xdrive shudders at low speed while steering left or right from standstill , followed by jerky acceleration and makes chugging noise or kind of a shaking?? You just have to recalibrate your Transfer case, watch how in video below 👇 !
  3. Coding & Diagnostics
    Hi all , I am going to show you how to code with NCS Expert and our task will be to setup the radio frequency of your BMW . This video will be very helpful for those of you who import bmw cars from USA, Japan, Europe. For example - the FM broadcast 📻 in the United States starts at 88.0 MHz and...
  4. Coding & Diagnostics
    Hi everyone 🤗 !!! I decided to share with you how to create a profile with NCS Expert, instead of searching and downloading existing one. I will just show you 👇👇👇 how to create expertmode profile in NCS Expert so you are able to program and code your BMW with NCS Expert.
  5. 5 Series
    Hi all. I want to share my experience with BMW coding. I have used scan tool Launch X431. Unlock all doors when car stops and turn off the engine” In order to code that option you need to access CAS module of your BMW and change it to ”enable” You can also change your preference if you whant the...
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi all, In need of some advice please! I have an F30 320d ED - 2012. EPS control light has come on and the faults are a sensor and the control unit itself. I want to replace the control unit with a second hand part which I believe comes attached to the rack, my question is does the Part...
  7. 5 Series
    Coded my pathway lighting on a 2005 E60 BMW. i changed Heimleuchten_funschil to active. As far as i remember when i pressed the trunk it worked but now, it doesn't seem to be working. i recoded it off/on again and now all i am getting is the angel eyes coming on when i put on the ignition but...
  8. 5 Series
    Hi guys, I really need your help! I'm currently sitting in my car with everything unplugged. I have just coded an aux to a 2005 BMW e60 base model. It doesn't come with nav. My problem is, when I removed the mega connector from the back of the CD player. I know you put the AUX pins in block D. I...
  9. 5 Series
    Folks, I reckon the time has come to replace the battery on my '05 530i, its still got the original one in place and it may explain the occasional errors I am getting and the airbag light that keeps coming on. I recently fitted HID's and in the morning the flicker a little while the car is...
1-9 of 9 Results