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  1. Pathway Lighting Fail

    5 Series
    Coded my pathway lighting on a 2005 E60 BMW. i changed Heimleuchten_funschil to active. As far as i remember when i pressed the trunk it worked but now, it doesn't seem to be working. i recoded it off/on again and now all i am getting is the angel eyes coming on when i put on the ignition but...
  2. Aux help e60 hardware

    5 Series
    Hi guys, I really need your help! I'm currently sitting in my car with everything unplugged. I have just coded an aux to a 2005 BMW e60 base model. It doesn't come with nav. My problem is, when I removed the mega connector from the back of the CD player. I know you put the AUX pins in block D. I...
  3. Replacing the battery on my E60 where to get the coding done?

    5 Series
    Folks, I reckon the time has come to replace the battery on my '05 530i, its still got the original one in place and it may explain the occasional errors I am getting and the airbag light that keeps coming on. I recently fitted HID's and in the morning the flicker a little while the car is...