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  1. General Car Chat
    Don't know how it happend, but was bringing it up and all of a sudden it cracked.. maybe down to the weather, or old plastic i don't know.. Likley hood of me getting just the rear window is unlikely, so whats the chances of finding a good, black fabric roof in good condition as I want to sell...
  2. BMW Parts Wanted
    Not sure if theres a difference in coilovers between a 318i / 318is / vert / coupe (weight and everything). So looking for something that will drop my car a nice bit and give it a nice stance.. Pretty sure its under M3 suspension at the moment, and due to the engine being so light you'd swing...
  3. General Car Chat
    Thinking of selling shortly, unsure what price to put on it.. Any ideas? A very clean example as photos show.. Even engine bay is spotless. spec: BMW E36 Convertible - sierrarot metallic NCT'd, Taxed,109k miles Super rare Sierrarot metallic Matching sierrarot suade/cloth interior 18" genuine...
  4. 3 Series
    Thinking this would be a handy thing to have, a dual button type keyfob for opening/closing softtop/windows etc. is it possible? and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being hardest), how hard is it? Want to do it to my e36 vert.
  5. 3 Series
    Don't know weather this is the right spot, but I'm on the hunt for a backbox, axle back preferably to give my 318i cab a bit more of a nice grunt.. Don't want to go spending big bucks as I rarely keep onto my cars, but I always like improving on what I have. Also, set of Motorsports wanted...
  6. Members Cars & Gallery
    Bought this copper orange E36 convertible a few weeks ago from Waterford. Absolutely mint.. almost show room condition you could say.. done my usual bits and pieces to it as I usually do when I (almost always) revert back to a bmw, including german plates, LED rear plate bulbs. Thinking of...
  7. BMW Parts for Sale
    as above whole car for breaking all parts is in good condition if you need some parts please ask me and i give you price i have set of e36 M3 K&W coilover front V2 rear V3 with camber plates and in very good condition new cost around 1600e my price 600e
  8. General Car Chat
    Tried the online quote thing and is returning the auld "can't quote, give us a ring" type of thing.. Are convertible's hard to insure? my previous e36 vert was down as coupe on there system. Currently insured on a late model e60 2003 520i. Would a vert be more costly?
  9. Introduce yourself
    Hey guys cormac here my e36 convertible is my pride and joy but need some advice from time to time. I had a few BMWs through the years e36 320i saloon e30 318i tc bour e30 325i coupe e39 523i saloon e36 318is coupe e46 320ci coupe e36 318i convertible (current car) lookin forward to some meets!
  10. General Car Chat
    May be going looking at a 96-D-X red convertible, 320 in Dublin sometime soon, just to save a journey (if theres anything anybody knows any bad history about it - not slating owner, just enquiring) It's a red E36 320 convertible bmw, I've seen it on donedeal a few times and was thinking of...
  11. BMW Parts for Sale
    I have a full kit here from a 94' Avus M3. The Kit includes: Front M3 bumper with Evo Lip, Avus Blue Pair of M3 Coupe/Convertible Side skirts, Avus Blue Rear Genuine M3 bumper with M3 diffuser, Avus Blue Full kit - 350euro. Side mouldings another 50euro. Set of LED style rear lamps...
1-11 of 11 Results