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  1. BMW Cars for Sale Taxed and NCT'd, open to offers, technically don't need a car currently!
  2. Members Cars & Gallery
    Hi, after lots and lots of engine work I had to clean her up and take a few pics.
  3. Members Cars & Gallery
    Hi, I bought this at the end of last year and have been steadily working my way through it. She's an Irish car, only 135K kms. Hope you like it:) So far; Lowered on Eibach Sport Line springs E38 Style 32's Rolled rear arches New front caliper New front pads Plugs, Oil, Filter, Air Filter 4 Coil...
  4. BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi, looking for the above, manual, petrol, 02-04, with a good spec/extras and nct. Preferably black, but others colours considered. Willing to travel for right car/price. Thanks
  5. BMW Parts Wanted
    As title, in good condition as close to Donegal as possible. Dont need a spoiler as I already have one. No mad prices please. Thanks
  6. BMW Cars Wanted
    Looking for a decent (non N47) M sport coupe. Just missed out on a low mileage 320i last week for a great price so back to the drawing board. Preferably under 80k miles. Colour and interior type not very important if the car is clean. Have cash waiting but not going to pay silly money. Will...
  7. Project Cars
    I bought this a few months ago from Sandyford Motors. 99 E36 318iS I always wanted an E36 coupe and the last of the M44's would do nicely. I know there are a few Avus Blue E36 coupes around and a lot of 318iS's as well and certainly in a lot better condition than mine, but hopefully I will be...
  8. Project Cars
    Picked this up recently. I couldn't resist the colour and I missed my other E46 Coupe. E46 318Ci M43TUB19 63k miles. Siennarot 2 Metallic 362 Cloth Interior Anthracite E3AT Production Date: 19-06-01 Options S302A Alarm System S374A Light alloy wheel Radial styling 73 S428A Warning...
  9. Project Cars
    So here goes! I bought this car October of last year, an almost completely standard 320ci msport bar the bbs ch reps with 60k miles on the clock, absolutely nothing on the m54b22! Since then its undergone many many changes, and in my eyes it's just perfect! So this is the way i had the...
  10. Project Cars
    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Figured its time to share my experiences and also look for suggestions and opinions in my future plans for the e36. I am most definately moved :love: by Shoshinsha's 318is and the things he has done on his thread, great inspiration. All Opinions and Suggestions are...
  11. BMW Parts Wanted
    have a standard exhaust on my 318is coupe looking for something but louder not ridiculously loud but something with a nice hum, maybe a schintzer exhaust or m3,
  12. BMW Cars for Sale
    {SOLD}. E36 323i Coupe Well lads, I am selling my BMW E36 323i coupe in Cosmos Black. Low mileage, 2.5 litre petrol, pulls very well, Running perfectly, just seriviced and service light reset, Only 99,000 miles, Nice Black Leather Interior, Electric Tinted Mirrors, Electric Windows...
  13. General Car Chat
    Howye lads ive an e36 318is m42 and i bought an fk automotive exhaust near nothing, but never even looked at changing my exhaust till i bought this so when i looked at mine i figured out the back box is huge and held on by clips on the sides bolted up anyway this is the exhaust i bought...
  14. General Car Chat
    Can anyone tell me any where that sells e36 wish with pre installed ball joints and lollipop bush? Need it badly this afternoon would really appreciate the help!!! Thanks!!
  15. BMW Cars for Sale
    Selling this late December 2004 (so nearly 2005) for a friend of mine. Imola Red 320CI M-sport 2004 with genuine 56000miles, definitely one of the cleanest e46 coupes in Ireland, no marks. Was imported in 2008 from the UK with full Dealer service History and lots of receipts and original MOT...
  16. BMW Parts Wanted
    well lads i have three centre caps for my wheels but missing 1 (pain the h**e) but has anyone on here got a spare one really appreciat if youse do rather buy one then 4 when i have 3 already haha
  17. General Car Chat
    Lads looking for the visual differences between these engines if you could please help! Thanks!
  18. General Car Chat
    Just to let someone who has spare money lying around or interested in a set of these seats theres an e36 on donedeal for sale in kildare for 550 with the seats in it and dont think the fella knows what there worth, he wont break the car only sell it as whole but you could probably mAke your...
  19. General Car Chat
    My left habd side breaklight is gone its not the bul about to go out and start following the wires now anyone know the colour of the break light wire or what to do ? Please help!
  20. BMW Parts Wanted
    looking where to buy the spoiler for the top of the rear window anyone know a place that sells them? cheers
1-20 of 55 Results