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  1. 2 New Polishes coming in

    Spirit Detailing
    Hi guys, I just want to gauge interest in these as I am ordering in a batch of stuff next week. Manufacturers info is in italics below. First - For those of you with scratchy windscreens, hazed plexiglass and dull headlights: I had a chance to try this out while it was in development and...
  2. X5 Detail

    Spirit Detailing
    If you were ever wondering how long it takes to do a complete interior detail of a 7-seat (leather) X5, well try 9 hours! Here's the beast. The family who own this X5 have given me a couple of their other cars for complete interior and exterior details but they saved the best for last with...
  3. 5 Series Paint Correction

    Spirit Detailing
    I had Sean's 520i in for a paint correction in the past few days. I was hoping to do a good photo-thread of the detail but on day 1, I had my camera but left the memory card at home! D'Oh! :rolleyes: So the first bunch of photos are just taken with my (old) phone!! So, I collected the car at...
  4. 330i CQuartz Detail

    Spirit Detailing
    Here's one that turned out to be a lot tougher than I anticipated... and just to boot, the photos I took were at the wrong setting, so this is a short write-up for the amount of work! LOL:o It was raining when I got the car back to the workshop, so I began with the engine detail. Trigger-spray...
  5. Impreza STI in CQuartz

    Spirit Detailing
    Just a quick write up. Fingers are fecked after polishing steel rims for a few hours this morning!! :p Had this STI in from the South East last week. It was fairly swirled and scratchy so needed the full Spirit TLC treatment. The pix will do most of the talking, but just in case it did get...
  6. 530d CQuartz Detail (wet-sand & polish)

    Spirit Detailing
    Hi guys, Here's a 9 year old 530d over from UK for a bit of polishing & coating with CQuartz. Forgive the lack of photos, but this one needed my full attention so process wasn't really logged in pictures. As always, treatment started with a full paint detox, beginning with the Acid-Neutraliser...
  7. CQuartz Detail - New(ish) White GTI

    Spirit Detailing
    Hi guys, A new White Golf GTI was purchased in December by one of my clients, Dave. I had detailed his previous red Golf GTI to a very high gloss and coated it with Crystal Diamond Glaze. CDG is one of the great sealants. It lasts well and leaves a gloss to rival the very best waxes out...