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  1. BMW DIY Guides
    As I think I mentioned to a few people last month, the CSL was going in for some preventative maintenance work at MProve: This is mainly because I've been hearing too many horror stories about subframe cracks, and as the car is very soon to fall outside of BMW's...
  2. Members Cars & Gallery
  3. Meets & Events
    Hi guys just checking with the lurkers like me on here who's up for a get together? Regards Niall
  4. 3 Series
    Just wondering what the different E46 OEM (oem replica) bumpers are available out there? I've heard of Mtech / Mtech II but don't know the difference.. I did want an M3 replica with the smaller sides but since I'd have to have the boot well cut and welded for quad pipes thats gone out the...
  5. Project Cars
    Here's my car and this is my check list of things to buy/do when funds come available.. could be a while but for now i'll just stick my list of things to do up and check them off as they get done.. Car: E46 323ci 2.5l. as it stands: M3 CSL front bumper with CF splitters M3 CSL bootlid M3...
  6. General Car Chat
    as above a 03 M3 in town today which looked to have a blue nappa interior didnt get a close look but nice to see something diff than the blacks and reds imo, neeeds to sort the wheels he was running on standard 18s:D :D :D
1-6 of 6 Results