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  1. BMW DIY Guides
    Recently did a Dension install on my E60 and couldnt find any guides for one without CD changer. I have it attached as PDF as its easier to format and people can just download it to their phones while working on install. Anyway hopefully this will help a few people. Its kind of a joke that...
  2. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Guys, Trying to decide which Dension to get but their site isnt very helpful and their support is even worse. Most people seem to go for the Dension 500. I really dont see much of a difference between them though, especially in the 500 range. But the price difference is a big difference. The...
  3. Lighting Forum
    Morning folks, As it's getting darker these days I've noticed the standard headlights on my '05 530i are pretty poor, I upgraded my old E46 M3 to aftermarket HID's and they worked great, passed 2 NCT's, were properly focussed threw a lot of light onto the road ahead. Has anyone on here upgraded...
1-3 of 3 Results