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  1. Spirit Detailing
    Hi guys, Here's a 9 year old 530d over from UK for a bit of polishing & coating with CQuartz. Forgive the lack of photos, but this one needed my full attention so process wasn't really logged in pictures. As always, treatment started with a full paint detox, beginning with the Acid-Neutraliser...
  2. Spirit Detailing
    Guys, I am just working on a new business model for the new year and will be changing my services and prices. However, here is one that I think people can benefit from in December as a pre-Christmas maintenance detail. Its great! I call it the 1-Day Intensive Care Detail and it is a SERIOUS...
    I was asked to freshen up this Veyron when at the Top Gear show last weekend. The car has been to a few shows lately, and the paintwork had started to become a bit dull. The owner had seen we use Swissvax products, and having been impressed by them previously, asked myself to give it a once...
1-3 of 3 Results