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  1. BMW Parts Wanted
    looking for a laptop that has all the software installed and comes with an obd2 cable! Thanks!!
  2. Coding & Diagnostics
    I have recently got the car serviced and a couple of sensors replaced. I have since got the engine light, and hoping its nothing too much. I was wondering if anybody with a diagnostic reader would be generous enough to let me hook my e46 coupe up to it. Of course I can travel. Also I have...
  3. Coding & Diagnostics
    Anyone ever use them . whats your opinion of them ??
  4. General Car Chat
    Hey, I was driving into town about an hour ago and the engine light came on in the E92. As some know the car had the crankshaft replaced about a month ago- I've only done 200miles since, running it in easy. M&G will take it today but said it depends if there's a car in it- I could be there...
1-4 of 4 Results