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  1. Forsale: 335d 2006 (tuned to 340BHP)

    BMW Cars for Sale Taxed and NCT'd, open to offers, technically don't need a car currently!
  2. E34 525tds for parts or repair

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Have my e34 for sale would suit a mechanic that can weld as both sills would need to be replace on it to keep it on the road. WHEELS are not for sale NCT'ed till 30/4/15 Engine and gearbox in good condition and always pulled well nd great on diesel.All inter cooling pipe work changed in it as...
  3. BMW E36 M325TDS Drift Build

    Project Cars
    Further to me selling out my half of the previous TDS project (Click HERE), shane has decided to take up a new TDS project to continue from where I left off & keep the innuvation going within this new project & try out some of the other Idea's Ive had, while Daniel also continues my old project...
  4. BMW E46 M3d Drift Build

    Project Cars
    By now I'm sure you know my last project, the TDS Project Smoke Machine which I sold out my half of (Click HERE). Heres my new machine I've wanted to create yet another Diesel Drifter Torque Monster from an E46 330d for a while now since I figured out Mapping. I finally got the opportunity when...
  5. e46 320d Warm start problem??

    3 Series
    Hi guys im having a problem starting my 320d, its fine when i start it from cold but when it gets up to running temp if i turn it off it wont start again until its cooled almost completely down. The problem just started ramdomly one day and has been the same ever since. It will start with a push...
  6. 520d engine flooded

    General Car Chat
    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and dont (yet) own a BMW. In fact, thats why I'm writing. I am looking at buying a BMW 520d (2008) which had a new engine fitted last year (now has 15k miles) after the previous owner flooded the engine driving through a deep puddle. I was wondering whether...
  7. 07 520d judder.

    5 Series
    Well folks, I am having a strange problem with my pre LCI 520d automatic. When I am in drive and come to a standstill I am getting an intermittent judder from the engine. It's not hunting like it will cut out or anything, and if I knock it into neutral it goes away. Seems to only happen when...
  8. DPF delete - Which one will you go for?

    General Car Chat
    My DPF is due for replacement and I've decided to have it removed plus getting a remap. There has been great success stories with EcoTune in Scotland with their bypass kits and self programmable kits for the remap. These generally cost €1100 inclusive of delivery. Alternatively I'm also...
  9. 2009 320D M-Sport Coupé

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Withdrawn due to lack of interest.
  10. 2005 E46 320Cd M-Sport Coupé

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Ok, wanting an E92 M-Sport so have to sell my pride and joy to fund :o '05 BMW E46 320Cd M-Sport Coupé Sparkling Graphite Production date: March 2005 114k miles (2.0d M47N engine) NCT Mar 2012 Taxed Mar 2012 Sourced from a fellow enthusiast and imported from the UK in March 2010 Fully...
  11. E46 cd

    3 Series
    I see on the VRT site that the 5 types of E46 coupe diesels are as follows: 1. CD 02DR 2. CD ES 02DR 3. CD SE 150BHP 02DR 4. CD SPORT 150BHP 02DR 5. D M SPORT 02DR Whats the difference between the D M SPORT 02DR and the CD SPORT 150BHP 02DR? Just body and interior? I also see people...
  12. E36 325TDS complete car for parts

    BMW Parts Wanted
    95 bmw e36 325tds for parts. breaking COMPLETE car, all parts available. rear diff.. will spin both back wheels, prop-shaft and drive shafts. 18 inch alloys off a 04 BMW x4. spare is a smaller bmw alloy. sold 4 doors- good condition, no dents, electric windows all body panels- good condition...