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  1. BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for one of these for awhile now ive been to numerous scrap yards but apparently there only on late 2003 models and newer and has to be from a diesel? So if anyone has one thanks!!
  2. General Car Chat
    Right I've looked through most of the internet and tried to find a fix to this but can't! Basically I have the common problem of the "beep" and the dsc + amber handbrake light coming on! I've cleaned the wheel speed sensor and had the codes read one of the codes was for the rear right sensor and...
  3. 1/ 6 /7/ 8 Series / MINI & Others
    Hey guys, My E65 is after losing the plot today!!!:( I was driving to Dublin today and everything was fine on the way up but on the way down the car went nuts!!! While cruising at about 65mph on the motorway the car started to lose power and slow down for no apparant reason,as I pulled into the...
1-3 of 3 Results