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  1. Engine Transplants & Hybrids
    I'm getting an automatic, E36 318ti compact, hatchback, coupe. Between 94-96. Would I be able to swap the engine out of this, for a 1991 E30 318is M42 engine? Does anyone know if they make an automatic transmission for the E30 M42? (Just learning, so forgive any unintentional dumb in this post)
  2. BMW Cars Wanted
    As title. For a friend. Any 325i sports out there needing some work? Must be a genuine sport and south reg preferred but will consider northern reg. Preferably close to Donegal but will travel for the right car.
  3. General Car Chat
    well, collecting my e30 318i this week, and was just wondering what kind of money would I be looking at to get a complete E30 325i? I wouldnt mind paying extra for a sport, but an SE or a touring would do rightly. As long as running gear was good the shell and chassis could be completely rotten.
  4. BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for an early e30 2dr for an interesting project (details will be revealed when I have the right shell!), any condition considered, 2dr, pre-85 preferable. Let me know if you have one for sale, or even if you know of anything rotting away in a field. Cheers, Paul
  5. General Car Chat
    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I am shooting a music video next week in Kilkenny and I am looking for a particular BMW model. I would love to have a BMW e30 from the early 80's dark blue in colour. Would anyone know anybody, or be able to point me to a...
  6. General Car Chat
    Well lads when i put in a 3spoke steering wheel instead of my 4 spoke i had to rewire the horn and i cut the contact switch off too short and to cut a long story short i need another one and heres a pic for my bad explenation so basically are these contact switches only in early e36s or do the...
  7. Classics
    Stumbled across this, and it's a pretty good read for all the E30/rot-box fans out there :D Lots of model history, specs and price-lists too
  8. BMW Parts for Sale
    I'm putting a different interior into the E30, so this is up for grabs: Good condition still. Headrests are retro fitted. Collection in Abbeyleix, or can deliever to south west Dublin area. Price: E180. tel/text 0872694497
  9. Meets & Events
    For all e30 owners/fans on here check out all the details over on
  10. 3 Series
    Hey all, The voltage regulator in my e30 316 ('87) is toast, only providing 12V. I was going to get it replaced but an auto electrician told me that I might as well replace the whole (65 amp) alternator, as refitting this part can cause complications. As the alternator is 422 eur and the...
  11. Classics
    Right then folks, dug out some old E30 Performance Car reviews. First one is from June 1990, where they compared the 318iS to the Rover 416GTi (Yeah I know, but this was when British motoring mags used to have headlines like "Brand new Montego - Still want that Merc?" :rolleyes:)
1-11 of 12 Results