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  1. 5 Series
    Hey guys, I have a 1995 e34 518i which is having some trouble with the fuel injection or something like that, my first idea was to change the relay, but can't find the damn thing. hope someone can help
  2. Engine Transplants & Hybrids
    Ladies and gents, hope you're well I have an E34 525tds Touring and am desperately scouring for information on a swap such as this. E39 530d engine and running gear, with 6 speed box. My car is already a manual, so would also be keen to hear opinions on the e34 5 speed box as opposed to the...
  3. Introduce yourself
    Hi I'm looking into buying a e34 and working on it as a project over the coming years. Planning on doing an m62b44 swap into it. I'm very handy with tools and fabrication but it will be my first beamer. Currently priced an e34 for £1100 from the North and m62b44 for £900 and 5 speed trans for...
  4. BMW Parts Wanted
    Need steril front and back doors from E34 saloon or touring. Whatsapp +371 20077784, text 0894751099. Kildare, co Kildare. Ireland.
  5. BMW Parts Wanted
    As per the title - I'm looking for a front and rear ARB for a 525i Sport. Will also consider thicker bars. Closer to Limerick the better. Thanks!
  6. BMW Cars for Sale
    Have my e34 for sale would suit a mechanic that can weld as both sills would need to be replace on it to keep it on the road. WHEELS are not for sale NCT'ed till 30/4/15 Engine and gearbox in good condition and always pulled well nd great on diesel.All inter cooling pipe work changed in it as...
  7. Engine & Tuning
    As above car is swinging and swinging but won't start now even a cought. Checked the fuel filter nd dry as a bone. I presume it's the lift pump as 'twas a bit sick as it was. But goin check it tomorrow once I get the chance. If it ain't the pump wat else can't I check as I've her stories that I...
  8. BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of full length rust free sill for my e34 525tds anybody got anything for me. Must be totally rust free please. Pm me pic nd price if ya have anything
  9. Exterior
    Anyone no any good metal fabricater that could do the rear sills on my e34 525tds in the Munster if possible.Anyone know how much it would cost for both sill approx. Really don't wanna scrap the car as it's a savage daily wit cheap tax. All info welcome. Help me save my e34 please
  10. BMW Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for one or two Mint cross spoke alloys as above, no requirement for tyres or centre caps. Thanks.
  11. 5 Series
    Well have a bit of play in the steering of the e34,bout 5 mm in each direction nd its wreckin my head. Is it a case of just changing the pitman arm r would changing the centre tie rod do much difference to it as the car came wit a new1 but still passed the nct failing only on exhaust mountings...
  12. BMW Parts Wanted
    Anyone breakin as above lads need a few bits off it nd possibly suspension if it's in good condition nd standard if possible
  13. BMW Parts Wanted
    E34 518i(M43) rear driver's side brake caliper wanted in good working condition.
  14. 5 Series
    Hi all. This will be my first post and unfortunately it's a cry for help. I have a clean E34 1993 520i touring which developed a lack of power after about a year of ownership. A friend recommended a someone, let’s call him ChrisB. He had the car for over 4 months and after replacing fuel...
  15. BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi folks, I'm looking for a cheap runabout to use just temporarily. A cheap iS would be ideal at about about €400 but I'd spend a little more on an E34 (2.0) as I'd probably keep it for future purposes. I'd need some NCT so I could start driving straight away. Cheers, Enda.
  16. Members Cars & Gallery
    im a recent member but have had many bmws in my time,e30s e34s e39s e36s e60 but just wanted to put up a few of my current e34,its a real beaut,truly mint with no marks,scrapes or rust
  17. General Car Chat
    Fairly big money, considering what e39 M5's are making but the mileage is low and I love that shape M5 and that colour:
  18. Members Cars & Gallery
    Finally got a "new" bumper for my car - old one stopped a small wall from crashing through the front of my car. Honestly, it came out of nowhere in a car park. Replaced by a temporary blue bumper - but it just didn't look quite right. Incidentally, the only two incidents where my car has...
  19. BMW Cars for Sale
    1994 BMW 525i Manual - NCT 02/13 SOLD 152k Miles NCT until 02/2013 4 New 225/60/15 Falken ZE912 tyres on BBS Alloys. Full Black Leather Electric Windows Electric Sunroof & Mirrors I bought this car from BMW Specialist AC Car Sales in September 2007 with 89k mls. Originally imported from the...
  20. 5 Series
    Hi everyone Just lookin for some feedback on my 535. Thinking of selling it,just want to test the water and see if there'd be any real interest atm. It's been standing for 2 years now, taken me this long to accept that i have to part with it. :( It's on private English plates, red, manual, all...
1-20 of 22 Results