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e36 m3

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  1. Introduce yourself
    Hey everyone new to the forum so thought I'd say hi, I drive a1997 2.8L e36 Mora drop top, manual converted with a m50 intake manifold installed, I also have to install e46 330 big brakes & a fabricator to build me a exhaust system (unsure what size to go etc) just lowered it on adjustable...
  2. BMW Parts Wanted
    Hi all Looking for an e36 m3 3.0L rear axle complete or any bits of it excluding the diff, shocks and springs a apart from those listed everything else is wanted!!! As well as m3 3.0l prop shaft full or atleast the rear half. Any kind of help in hunting the bits down will be greatly...
  3. BMW Parts for Sale
    as above whole car for breaking all parts is in good condition if you need some parts please ask me and i give you price i have set of e36 M3 K&W coilover front V2 rear V3 with camber plates and in very good condition new cost around 1600e my price 600e
  4. BMW Cars for Sale
    Here is my 1997 M3 EVO Very reluctant sale, only selling due to house purchase. I bought the car earlier this year with the intention of driving it for the summer and then sticking it in the back of the shed and keeping it there. There is a comprehensive service history with the car. Imported...
  5. BMW Parts for Sale
    A lot sold, a lot more to sell :) All parts in good condition unless otherwise stated.. Fitting is available for most parts, it may be at extra cost. from e36 3.0L M3: - Engine wiring loom >> 150 - Rear spoiler (x2 red & purple) >> 100 each - 2x Rear calipers >> 50 - window regs, switches...
  6. 3 Series
    Hey guys maybe someone who has done one before can help me out here. I'm looking to replace the starter, its on its last legs. I know that it supposed to be a PITA to do. I'll be going in from the top as I'v no pit/ramp or lift and I wanna do few other bits while I have the Intake off. So few...
  7. 3 Series
    OK to cut a long story short, Some clown tried to steal my car and broke the passanger door handle. There was a broken key stuck in the lock barrel. I found a 2nd hand replacement and had it fitted. I didn't get a key with the replacement handle. The door opened and closed normally but when I...
1-7 of 7 Results