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  1. Munster
    Hi all, new here I’m after leather interior for my e36 convertible Black/red Full interior wanted
  2. 3 Series
    Hi,I have a 318is that had a burnt engine Lume...but replaced it with a 318i (8v) cranks but won't start (no spark or fuel coming) Any ideas? Thank you
  3. Engine Transplants & Hybrids
    I'm getting an automatic, E36 318ti compact, hatchback, coupe. Between 94-96. Would I be able to swap the engine out of this, for a 1991 E30 318is M42 engine? Does anyone know if they make an automatic transmission for the E30 M42? (Just learning, so forgive any unintentional dumb in this post)
  4. BMW Cars Wanted
    I'm looking for an e36 coupe, open to any colour but would ideally like one in black. 320i/323i would be perfect, would be open to 325i too but need to check reg with insurer. Ireland reg only.
  5. 3 Series
    Hey guys, i have a problem with my abs and asc, it doesnt work, it doesnt even show up when i turn the keys to the 2nd position. I checked under the hood next to the engine the ASC throttle manager(idk what its called) and it seemed fine. I put the car into like 3 different diagnostic apps and...
  6. BMW Cars for Sale
    E36 318is Maintained to a very high standard Same owner for the last 5 years €1000's spent on this car in my ownership Recent work - wheel bearings & ball joints- full service Loads of paperwork Comes with an original set of 16"style 32 alloys (mint) Taxed Clean Car...
  7. BMW Parts Wanted
    mine got destroyed and after a new one as i rebuild my e36 thanks!
  8. Exterior
    Looking to get an e36 re sprayed its on the list of things so no urgency at all hoping to wait until the end of my list to get that done but i am currently looking for someone to do a set of alpina wheels from silver to black! They have some scuffs about them so it would be a refurb aswell if...
  9. BMW Parts Wanted
    Hello everybody,does anyone have or know if anyone has an exhaust system for a '95 e36 325i,looking for complete centre section and back box in half decent condition.An e36 328i exhaust system would do nicely aswell. Cheers.
  10. 3 Series
    As title... Just wondering what kind of real world mpg are people getting out of their E36 318is? Just bought ANOTHER 318is :D but this one will be used as a daily, and as the others were weekend cars I never monitored mpg, I just put in fuel when it was needed :p I have a 1.6 Avensis atm...
  11. BMW Parts Wanted
    As title... looking for a rear mtec back bumper for E36 with diffuser in titan silver ONLY and looking a radiator for an E46 323i/325i/328i/320d...must be a good rad looking for bits as close to Donegal as possible but will travel further is the same person has both bumper and radiator (or...
  12. BMW Parts Wanted
    As title, in good condition as close to Donegal as possible. Dont need a spoiler as I already have one. No mad prices please. Thanks
  13. BMW Parts Wanted
    Hi all Looking for an e36 m3 3.0L rear axle complete or any bits of it excluding the diff, shocks and springs a apart from those listed everything else is wanted!!! As well as m3 3.0l prop shaft full or atleast the rear half. Any kind of help in hunting the bits down will be greatly...
  14. General Car Chat
    Thinking of selling shortly, unsure what price to put on it.. Any ideas? A very clean example as photos show.. Even engine bay is spotless. spec: BMW E36 Convertible - sierrarot metallic NCT'd, Taxed,109k miles Super rare Sierrarot metallic Matching sierrarot suade/cloth interior 18" genuine...
  15. 3 Series
    Thinking this would be a handy thing to have, a dual button type keyfob for opening/closing softtop/windows etc. is it possible? and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being hardest), how hard is it? Want to do it to my e36 vert.
  16. 3 Series
    Don't know weather this is the right spot, but I'm on the hunt for a backbox, axle back preferably to give my 318i cab a bit more of a nice grunt.. Don't want to go spending big bucks as I rarely keep onto my cars, but I always like improving on what I have. Also, set of Motorsports wanted...
  17. Project Cars
    I bought this a few months ago from Sandyford Motors. 99 E36 318iS I always wanted an E36 coupe and the last of the M44's would do nicely. I know there are a few Avus Blue E36 coupes around and a lot of 318iS's as well and certainly in a lot better condition than mine, but hopefully I will be...
  18. 3 Series
    Was looking at a decat and shotgun pipes for the 328 drift car. Question is can I run without O2 sensors in place or will it be down on power and run shit or is it just an emission thing for the nct that they need to be in for. All info welcome
  19. BMW Parts Wanted
    As above lookin for a full set of 4 if possible to suit an e36 but pm me wat cha got,cheers
  20. General Car Chat
    Tried the online quote thing and is returning the auld "can't quote, give us a ring" type of thing.. Are convertible's hard to insure? my previous e36 vert was down as coupe on there system. Currently insured on a late model e60 2003 520i. Would a vert be more costly?
1-20 of 86 Results