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  1. '95-'98 E38 7 Series Left/Passenger Grille

    BMW Parts for Sale
    Great condition, all clips intact. Bought from trevm by mistake, didn't realise earlier E38s had different grilles. €25, which is what it cost me.
  2. E38 Parts

    BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for a complete MFSW steering wheel for an e38, preferably 4-spoke, must be perfectly round and undamaged, and come with a dual-stage airbag from 03/99 or later; older ones have a single-stage bag that won't work in later models. Also looking for the Nokia mobile and cradle, with or...
  3. BMW e38 728i Airbag Light

    General Car Chat
    Hi everyone I'm new on here. I drive a 99 728i Sport Spec and its in for Nct tomorow. Unfortunately as I was cleaning the interior of the car I managed to set the airbag light off by getting a bottle stuck under the seat. I got a mate to hook it up to his computer to reset it but its loading...