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  1. BMW common problems and issues
    Greetings, I have a 2001 bmw e39 530d 193hp stock. When I bought it last year the sound from the engine wasn't as pronounced as it is now. The gar gar gar sound diesels make. It is quite loud now. The car is straight piped as it was before and has sweet sound at the back, but at the front it...
  2. Engine Transplants & Hybrids
    Ladies and gents, hope you're well I have an E34 525tds Touring and am desperately scouring for information on a swap such as this. E39 530d engine and running gear, with 6 speed box. My car is already a manual, so would also be keen to hear opinions on the e34 5 speed box as opposed to the...
  3. BMW Cars for Sale
    E39 520I This was a demo car at a main dealer. It was owned by 1 elderly man before I bought it. Original invoice is still in the glove box. 100% original & never abused. 170 Bhp Silver with Unmarked black leather interior Low milage for year 4 good tyres Very clean...
  4. BMW Cars for Sale
  5. BMW Cars for Sale
  6. BMW common problems and issues
    going to possibly lift an e39 520i for a bit of messing this evening, but the car needs an alternator. would an alternator of an e36/e46 316i or 318i or anything else like that fit? just they could be easier got around my area. thanks
  7. BMW Cars Wanted
    I am currently making arrangements to put my m3 in storage for the winter so I'm after a nice e39 530d Sport, cash waiting for right car.
  8. BMW Cars for Sale
    BMW 520i. New NCT 2.0 Ltr 150Bhp engine (cheaper tax) Irish Car. (no rust) 140,000 miles. Black leather interior (Like New) Headlights upgraded to Bmw Angel eyes BMW original clear Lenses Rear Alloys in great condition & not curbed. 4 Good tyres Serviced twice in...
  9. Coding & Diagnostics
    :D:DHello all, I was just hoping someone could help me with step by step instructions on how to use NCS Expert. My dream is to program my e39 door locks to auto lock when my car gets to 5 miles an hour. Thanks in advance tjgjsj:D:D
  10. BMW Parts for Sale
    Bought a kit that had the round and flat pin plugs because I was too lazy to yank the original out. This is the round pin version. Few quid plus postage please, or meet me in Cork.
  11. BMW Parts for Sale
    One of mine went and I wasn't paying silly money for one so I installed aftermarket ones instead. Throw me a few quid for it plus postage and I'll be happy, or I'm in Cork if you want to meet.
  12. 5 Series
    The pin that connects the clutch pedal to the master cylinder snapped off today and I'm going to replace the pedal tomorrow... a common problem apparently :mad: I've heard the pedal can be a bit of a b1tch to get off. Anyone ever replaced one or any tips before I go at it? Car is a '01 525i and...
  13. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hi guys, car is e39 530d sport 02. Advice needed on replacement of my tape player in exchange for a cd player. Can I just replace the top half of the Headunit with a cd player slot or do I need a new headunit so i can play cds? Any one selling the above? or a replacement headunit second hand or...
  14. Wheels & Tyres
    [SOLD] E38 / E39 18" M-Parallels Bought these from johnb850 in 2011, thread here. They're in exactly the same condition as when I bought them, albeit obviously with a bit more wear on the tyres -- I don't have a gauge but they're fine for now. They're genuine Style 37s to fit an E38, but...
  15. BMW Parts for Sale
    hi guys im braking my e39. all parts available as im stil driving the car to work. all is working as should... so if anyone needs anything give me a shout here or call 0858194544. if someone is intrested in a whole car pm me or call will send a link to a full car add on donedeal. :) for prices...
  16. BMW Cars Wanted
    Sick of wasting time looking at shitters, cash waiting must be good example and nothing over 130,000 documented history an obvious plus
  17. 5 Series
    Bought a 00 520i recently. Have to say although it's not fast at all it is very comfortable and I'm happy with it because the previous owner minded it like a baby and used a 530d as a doner car to upgrade the spec. So mine has all the upgraded lights and a nearly new black leather interior. I'm...
  18. 5 Series
    Just bought a very clean E39 520i. It's a 00 so the 2.0 and non facelift. The only thing I want to change on it is the kidney grille. My question is if the facelift grille will fit the non facelift model ?
  19. BMW Parts Wanted
    How it going. I'm looking for two injectors for a 2002 E39 530D I've had two clap out on me! PM or reply here if anyone has a few knocking around!
  20. General Car Chat
    I was watching Police Interceptors on channel5 and they showed this accident. The driver was drunk and lost control taking an off-ramp of the dual-carriage way.
1-20 of 31 Results