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  1. BMW DIY Guides
    Hi, I have an E60 520D 2009. I was wondering is it possible to code in that the angel eyes/ DRLs will stay on when the light position is set to 0? I have bimmercode but it seems that you can only code low beams and high beams? Or is there a particular way to do this. Any help appreciated Thanks
  2. General Car Chat
    Hi folks, Have always wanted an E60 and looking at the 520d I was finding them very expensive in every year. Then I came across a 523i , 2006, 140k miles. It's in mint condition and only 3k. Anyone any experience with this model? Should I go the extra 2 or 3k for a diesel or would the 523i be...
  3. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi, I've recently imported a 2007 M5 saloon... This vehicle was listed on the Revenue VRT site until end of 2018. In May 2018, I checked the VRT on a 2007 M5 Saloon. It returned a figure of 5243euro.. Move on to September 2020 when I bought and imported a 2007 one, the car is no longer listed...
  4. 5 Series
    I'm considering buying an E60 M5. Is there anyone here that has one? Any advice and experiences welcome.
  5. 5 Series
    Hi guys, I really need your help! I'm currently sitting in my car with everything unplugged. I have just coded an aux to a 2005 BMW e60 base model. It doesn't come with nav. My problem is, when I removed the mega connector from the back of the CD player. I know you put the AUX pins in block D. I...
  6. BMW Cars for Sale
    2006 BMW 525D Msport E60 108,0000 Miles NCT May 2016 Previous Owners 3 (inc current) 6 Speed Automatic Unusual Brown interior Full leather electric seats Swirl flaps removed Full spare wheel Home safe lights programmed MP3 playback programmed Bluetooth hands free calling Rear light hard break...
  7. 5 Series
    Has anyone cleaned the air con on an E60. There's a bit of a mouldy smell when you switch it on first. I have changed the two microfilters and the housing for both filters. Saw this on But from reading online, this won't work by inserting the tube through the vents. Would...
  8. 5 Series
    My father has a 2005 E60 and recently it has started playing up when he locks the doors. He presses the lock button on the fob and it works fine, but when he presses the unlock button, it will not open the doors. The thing is, when he presses the unlock button, you can still hear a solenoid or...
  9. BMW Parts for Sale
    18' 5 Series E60 MV2 alloys in good condition, very straight and drove perfectly prior to removal. 8J all round - 245/45/18 Continental run flats all round 2 above legal and 2 in better than good condition €400 or best offer - pics to follow
  10. BMW Parts for Sale
    Front and rear M Sport Suspension complete(Shocks/Springs) - ready to install - great condition, not as much as a noise from them before being take out €200 or best offer
  11. 5 Series
    I have a 2006 Bmw e60 523i with automatic transmission, n52 engine. 63,000 miles on the clock. I need to buy oil for my car soon, as the level is getting low. The last time I topped up, I topped up with : Castrol Edge 0 W-30 Fully Synthetic with BMW LongLife-04 approval Just wondering...
  12. BMW Cars for Sale
    Not 100% sure weather I want to sell, but I fancy a bike and large van, so I'll see what happens.. E60 BMW 520i SE (M-Sport extras) 5 Series 2003. NCT: 10-14 Taxed: 08-14 Just serviced by an independent mechanic. Oil changed at 109k miles (110 on clock), Rocker cover gaskets replaced with...
  13. Lighting Forum
    Can anyone recommend anyware to get these canbus error free bulbs? I picked up some for the rear plate bulbs, but they're not error free and show up errors.. I want to replace these with error free bulbs and put the ones from the plates as interior lighting.. Also want to replace the front halo...
  14. General Car Chat
    Another space saver thread : ) I know this has probably been covered to death. I'm changing my e60 5 series to run flats and am on the lookout for a space saver. I know these are as rare as feck and go for about 300 euro, which in my opinion is just plain wrong. I'm specifically looking for...
  15. BMW Parts for Sale
    Looking to change my interior trim, ideally wouldn't mind black, but heres my interior if anyone fancy's a change.. ?
  16. Tyre & Wheels
    I'm looking at msport mv2's for my e60, one lad got onto me with a clean full set of 5, but e46 fitment. Is there a massive difference? I currently have spacers on at the moment with the current wheels I have.
  17. BMW Parts for Sale
    Have a front bumper, front fogs, grills plastics clips etc, rear bumper, sideskirts, everything there. Pre LCI SE spec from an E60. Silvergray in colour. Don't know how much to put on it but everything is there.. Offers by PM. location: Kerry Condition: Grand Price: offers?
  18. Members Cars & Gallery
    Well im back in a BMW again. Picked up this tasty E60 only a couple of days ago. This'll be the 6th BMW I've owned and easily the nicest! I've a few ideas floating about the head I want to change, including the current 19" staggered/dished wheels it's currently sat on, to msports, or the ones...
  19. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    I have a 520d 2006 model and i recently got a galaxy s4 before that i had a blackberry the one with the touch screen and qwerty keyboard? Well anyway the blackberry bluetooth worked fine synched my contacts all that but when i connect my s4 only some of my contacts show! For eg i have 4 numbers...
1-19 of 46 Results