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  1. 3 Series
    I have an issue where when I step out of the car, all my windows and sun roof roll down and car doors unlock. This happens when the ignition is off. What could be the problem? in addition, battery loses power when terminal is left over night.
  2. BMW Cars Wanted
    Wanted to buy 320d e90 163bhp preferably m sport..standard or modified. As a newbe have the wanted car in for sale section also🤔Appoligies for the confusion. Having trawled through the soul distroying for car for sale sites a friend suggested I might sourse one here from someone who knows there...
  3. BMW Cars for Sale
    Hello Newbe here. After trawling through the mine field of cars for sale looking to buy a 320 e90 163bhp preferably m sport. A friend of mine suggest the site might be a better way to sourse..As I'm going to remap and a few more ideas in mind, anyone out there with such for sale or even thinking...
  4. BMW Parts Wanted
    Hi, Looking for, preferably new gloss black, b-pillar exterior trim for my e90 to replace the rusted steel I have on my doors. Said I'd try here before dealers as I've tried online and different parts shops that couldn't supply me. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  5. Tyre & Wheels
    Hi, I am looking at getting jr11 alloys for my 2011 e90 320d, was thinking of going 9.5j in 19's all around? 245 and 255's on front and back. I am on standard m sport suspension for now but will lower it on coilers later.. Can this set up work? Thanks
  6. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hi, Has anyone re-coded their head-unit? By recoding from base to HiFi you remove the build-in EQ curve which helps a lot if you install after market audio components. It also changes the outputs from high level (speaker) to low-level (which works straight with the amps via RCA cables)...
  7. BMW common problems and issues
    Just changed the oil and filter on my 2005 e90 and oil is seeping slowly out of the top of the plastic cap when I start the engine. There seems to be an indent in the centre and the oil seems to be coming from there...
  8. 3 Series
    Hi folks There's many threads in the Internet about this but I can't seem to figure out what's required to get BT working in my car. This is what I have: S1CAA - Selection of COP relevant vehicles S663A - BMW Professional Radio S694A - Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer S8SPA - Control unit COP...
  9. BMW Parts Wanted
    Hi folks, I am looking for an BMW E90 professional stereo (CD73) The display on my current one fades once the car heats up and it is really annoying not being bale to see the display. Let me know if there is one about with out this issue. Thanks!
  10. Members Cars & Gallery
    Picked up this about 6 weeks ago from a local dealer. 05 e90 320d in my favourite e90 colour A22:smile: Ex Irish Wire company car so fully serviced from word go!:love: Frist BMW so hope its a goodn! Plan to keep it simple (famous last words) Alloys,-----------check Matt black grills...
  11. BMW Parts Wanted
    Anyone breaking a sport?
  12. 3 Series
    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum, so here's my first post... This is my first BMW and a first diesel engine too. I've bought a car a few weeks back and I've recently noticed considerable vibration at idle. The engine runs very evenly, but I can feel pretty noticeable vibration via the...
  13. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hi all, I installed a pioneer appradio 2 on my 07 E90. Everything works fine (few adjustments still to be made like parking break bypass... but overall is working great) The parking sensor sound is not working and I cannot figure out how to fix it. There is no much information out there about...
  14. Tyre & Wheels
    As per title,Had a look over the car on Saturday and spotted that my 2 Michelins are ruined on the inside due to tracking so in the market for 2 new fronts,225/40/18 run flats,Looking to buy Bridgestone RE050's in Particular, Any tips as to where I'll get good value? Please don't suggest online...
  15. Members Cars & Gallery
    Hi Folks, Here is my new 320D. To Do List for coming months. Clean Exhaust tip. Remap + DPF removal possibly. Refurb front Alloys. New Centre caps for alloys. 5mm Spacers for rear wheels. Front Bumper Touch Up and Re-spray. Full Wax and Polish badly needed. New Breather Filter. :)
  16. BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi Guys, Looking to buy 06/07 320D Msport (160bhp or 177bhp) with less than 80k miles if possible. Budget of 9-10k cash. Let me know if you anything lying around the place. :D Thanks!
  17. General Car Chat
    Hi All, I have signed up to this Forum in anticipation of buying my first BMW. I have been reading up on all the different threads trying to compile as much information as possible so I can be an educated buyer as I have heard there are lots of dodgy BMWs on the market these days. I am...
  18. 3 Series
    I need new springs for my 05 320D MSport e90. The front passenger side spring broke the other day - I drove about 5k home on it and when I took the wheel off the inside tyre wall had worn away due to the spring rubbing it - now need a new tyre also :mad: Anyone know the correct spring(any...
  19. Members Cars & Gallery
    Sold my e46 last month :( and bought myself a 320d e90 M-Sport:) The new car has a few nice extra, black leather seat, Bmw bluetooth kit, automatic dimming mirror, electric folding mirrors, led puddle lights. I had parts waiting to go on the new car before I even bought it. Unfortunetly...
  20. 3 Series
    Hi everyone, My E90 shows yellow half-engine light on the dashboard display. started 2 days ago. The oil change was overdue but did not goes away after my 1st DIY oil change yesterday. Checked the manual, it says the engine won't achieve full power or something like that. Frankly, doesn't...
1-20 of 30 Results