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  1. BMW Cars for Sale
    FOR SALE: Price: EUR6900 Basics: 2009 E92 BMW 320d Coupe M-Sport NCT: December 2020 TAX: March 2020 (Cost: EUR280 per year) Mileage: Currently 126,000miles or 203,000km Previous Owners: 3 Keys: 2 Paintwork: Black Interior: Ox Blood Red M-Sport Condition: Service History: Full with a...
  2. BMW Cars for Sale
    I put off getting a proper ad together for as long as I could, but unfortunately the time has come to put it up for sale! This is a high spec Irish car, purchased new from Frank Keane's BMW for 83k by a real estate agent who maintained it in Boland's BMW, she sold it on to DanM (forum member)...
  3. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hi, Has anyone re-coded their head-unit? By recoding from base to HiFi you remove the build-in EQ curve which helps a lot if you install after market audio components. It also changes the outputs from high level (speaker) to low-level (which works straight with the amps via RCA cables)...
  4. 3 Series
    Hi folks There's many threads in the Internet about this but I can't seem to figure out what's required to get BT working in my car. This is what I have: S1CAA - Selection of COP relevant vehicles S663A - BMW Professional Radio S694A - Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer S8SPA - Control unit COP...
  5. BMW Cars Wanted
    Looking for a decent (non N47) M sport coupe. Just missed out on a low mileage 320i last week for a great price so back to the drawing board. Preferably under 80k miles. Colour and interior type not very important if the car is clean. Have cash waiting but not going to pay silly money. Will...
  6. Engine & Tuning
    Hi everybody, Just got the car remapped, see results below. What else can a layman person do to get a bit more oomph? Is it worth getting one of the K&N Apollo Cold Air Induction kits, for example? Cheers
  7. BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi all, I am looking for a 325d or 330d coupe m sport. The car preferably will have less than 80k miles. I plan on going to the uk if I cannot source one in Ireland at a reasonable price. Cash waiting Thanks, Daniel
  8. General Car Chat
    hello everyone just thought i would ask around to get a different opinion, i want to lower my e92 320d and am just wondering which to go for coilovers or just lowering springs...Somebody please help...
  9. Members Cars & Gallery
    Bought a 2007 E92 last week. Has just over 80k miles on it. M sport with a few extras such as auto wipers. Liking the auto lights and extended lights package. Gave it a wax and polish along with some de-tar work (bit more to do on that front).
  10. BMW Parts for Sale
    I'm selling the lip spoiler that I had on the previous E92, it's purchased from SSDD motorsport for EUR115 (not including delivery). The part itself is in excellent condition and the paint job is perfect on it. I have to say I was amazed how such a small part could set of the look of the car...
  11. Members Cars & Gallery
    Well the opportunity arose to upgrade recently, having sold the E92 320d. There was only one car for me this time around, the 335d. First thing is the colour, it's Individual Atlantis Blue (Code 399) Definitely a head turner, and maybe not to everybody's taste, but I think its magnificent! It...
  12. BMW Cars for Sale
    I've decided to sell the car as Ive seen a particular car that I like. I'm in no rush to sell so I'm not welcoming offers of €1,000 off or anything like it. The car itself is in smashing condition, as can probably be confirmed by a few members here, its regularly washed and as recently as a week...
  13. General Car Chat
    Hi What is the general consensus on the 2.0 litre petrol engines fitted to the coupe and convertible? I'm seriously considering one from a main dealer with good spec and 2 year warranty. However have been out off put by the injector / coil pack debacle that is still without a permanent...
  14. 3 Series
    Lads, whats the basic spec's on these cars (2007/2008 models) and whats the 'extra's. I'm not too clued up and can only find UK market specific stuff so far? Specifically MSport models if it makes a difference.
  15. 3 Series
    Where are they all? A lot of mules, poverty spec and SE examples out there thats for sure :confused:
1-15 of 15 Results