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  1. General Car Chat
    I was looking at a 1994 BMW e36 318i coupe, with a 318is engine in it. The engine is in it, but the wiring loom isn't connected. The dash etc is connected, but the engine part of the loom isn't. He said he bought a 1.9 wiring loom with the engine, but was told that the old 1.8 ecu would work...
  2. Coding & Diagnostics
    I have recently got the car serviced and a couple of sensors replaced. I have since got the engine light, and hoping its nothing too much. I was wondering if anybody with a diagnostic reader would be generous enough to let me hook my e46 coupe up to it. Of course I can travel. Also I have...
  3. Engine & Tuning
    Hi guys, Recently bought myself an e46 318ci :) The engine light appeared last Friday night while driving on the motorway! Wasn't driving too hard at all. Everything seems to be running fine, and no loss of power, but it's annoying to have the light on and not know the cause! I was...
1-3 of 3 Results