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  1. BMW DIY Guides
    Rebuild of Bmw Engine N62B48, V8 4,8l with 367hp! Personally I LOVE THAT ENGINE! The only annoying thing about it is that valve stem seals get worn out sooner then should be, and causing high consumption of oil and could smoke a lot, generally that is the last naturally aspirated engine of BMW...
  2. BMW Parts Wanted
    Hiya, The head's cracked on my 316 Compact and I need to replace it. Looking to buy ASAP.
  3. General Car Chat
    was thinking of doing a 328i conversion in my 318is and I was just wondering how would this work out at NCT time? as i dont plan on changing the particulars on log book
  4. Engine Transplants & Hybrids
    Hi all. I have a 318is that the engine is knackered in, and I want to convert it to either a 323i, 325i or 328i, but these cars seem to be hard got at the right money, but a 523i, 525i or a 528i are handier got and cheaper, so I was just wondering will these engines fit an e36 3 series shell, as...
  5. General Car Chat
    I was looking at a 1994 BMW e36 318i coupe, with a 318is engine in it. The engine is in it, but the wiring loom isn't connected. The dash etc is connected, but the engine part of the loom isn't. He said he bought a 1.9 wiring loom with the engine, but was told that the old 1.8 ecu would work...
  6. General Car Chat
    Hi guys , just got word from the mechanic that the engine in the mrs car is probably kaput and that it will probably need a new engine So my question is is it worth repairing or should I / could i just sell it as is Car is a 2005 BMW E90 320d SE it's sparkling graphite, has full black sports...
  7. General Car Chat
    Hi, I have a 2003 BMW 316i SE (E46). And last week I was doing normal checks as I was going on a long trip and I noticed that the coolant was very low even though the light never came on. When I went to get some coolant, THEN the light came on, kinda flickering on and off. I put 1L of coolant...
  8. Engine & Tuning
    Hi all, Fan recently stays on constantly while driving, any ideas? even when i started car from cold to move it 2 yards to open gate it came on!!! help! Conor
  9. Engine & Tuning
    I have a 2004 bmw 320d e46 and ive noticed that when driving or idling and i rev, the car engine makes a strange shudder around the 2500rpm mark but then goes smooth once ive revved passed it, if i sit at 2500rpm it continuously shudders and vibrates. Any one know what this could be? Thanks
  10. BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for a`good`complete engine including ecu for a conversion.Would consider complete car for right money-condition of car not important
  11. 3 Series
    Hi all, Anyone know somewhere (or someone!) who could quote me on an overhaul of an engine? Its a 318ci, 01 model, 1.9 M43B19TU. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to tell me to get rid and buy a new one, but I can't afford to, and I've invested a lot of time and energy into this one...
  12. Engine & Tuning
    Guys, This is prob a dumb question, I am looking to do a retro fit on my standard steering wheel. I want to stick in a MF one and get cruise control working. I understand I may need to get an adaptor to do this and thats fine, however the adaptors and dependant on an engine number ie: m47n...
  13. BMW Parts Wanted
    Im looking for an e46 320D engine. Must be 150bhp. Would prefer to hear it running. With or without turbo. May consider crash damaged 320 with good engine. Reply here or PM me your number. Dave
  14. 5 Series
    Tried searching for lots of different things here related to this, but none have thrown up a full answer to my question. My father has a 05 E60 523i and the engine management light has come on and is staying on. It starts fine, ticks over fine and drives fine. I was telling him that I thought...
  15. Project Cars
    well i got this off the ground eventually had a fair idea what i was going to do so here is a link on the mini site ....
1-15 of 15 Results